Image of faculty member, David Zera

Dr. Dave A. Zera

Associate Professor of Psychology & Special Education
o: Canisius Hall Rm 102
p: x2528


Current Research Interests

Bilngual and Special Education.

Universal Design for Instruction.

Counseling for students with special learning needs.

Phonological processing and orthographic decoding. Morphology development, syntax, and comprehension.

Courses Taught

  1. SE 99: Comp Exam-Special Education
  2. SE 403: Issues/Prob in Spec Ed
  3. SE 419: SpecLearnerBilingual/ESL Clsrm
  4. SE 429: Dev &Remedial Reading&LangArts
  5. SE 436: Administration of Educ Tests
  6. SE 540: C.A.S. Practicum
  7. SE 591: Practica in Special Education
  8. SE 592: Practica in Special Education
  9. SE 593: StudentTeaching in Spec Educ
  10. SE 595: Ind Study in Spec Ed
  11. SE 599: Seminar in Spec Education
  12. SL 419: SpecLearnerBilingual/ESL Clsrm