Image of faculty member, Kathryn Yarrington

Ms. Jo Yarrington

Professor of Visual & Performing Arts
o: Loyola Hall Rm 12
p: x2367
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B.F.A., B.A.E., M.F.A., The Ohio State University

Current Research Interests

Recently, I’ve been working on a series of sited projects in which photographs are housed in the windows and glass facades of galleries, museums and sanctuaries. Transparent and usually large in scale, the images take on a mythological dimension. This referencing of the archetype is heightened by the subject matter, images of the body and landscape which range from the erotic to the ethereal.  Altered, layered, and ignited by sunlight, the work often seems to push outward, releasing its physicality and suggesting something just beyond its glass skin. At other times, projections of the images caused by sunlight’s movement around the architecture, slowly change, by their color and shape the interior space.  The passing observer is caught in this inward spill of altered light, becoming a participant in an active ritual. This perpetual shifting of image and light alters the relationship between building and viewer. Transformation on many levels seems a possibility as the interior and exterior fold into one another, and the boundary between the two begins to dissolve.

Courses Taught

  1. CE 20: Printmaking:Etching & Drypoint
  2. HR 300: Interdisciplinary Inquiry
  3. SA 12: Foundation:Drawing
  4. SA 131: Photo&DigitalTechPrintmaking
  5. SA 133: Photo I: Alternative Processes
  6. SA 231: Printmaking II
  7. SA 300: Junior Seminar-201101
  8. SA 301: Senior Seminar-201101
  9. SA 302: Independent Study 201009
  10. SA 304: Internship