Image of faculty member, Roxana Walker-Canton

Mrs. Roxana L. Walker-Canton

Assistant Professor of Visual & Performing Arts
o: Xavier Hall Rm 14B
p: x3364


B.A., Spelman College
M.A., MFA, Ohio State University
MFA, Temple University

Current Research Interests

My 90-minute documentary and archive, Living Thinkers:  An Autobiography of a Community of Women, explores the interplay of race, gender, and class in the experiences of African American women in academia.  I intentionally use the term "autobiography" in the documentary title to draw parallels to the use of autobiography by early Africans in America, such as Linda Brent, as a vehicle to bear witness to solitary journeys that are also representative a whole community. Not only do the subjects in my documentary tell their stories, but they tell mine as well.  As an African American woman academic teaching in predominantly white institutions, questions of power and privilege are posed in relationship to course material and in terms of my own existence within these institutions. As outsiders within, and as gendered intellectuals, academia creates what Dr. Johnetta B. Cole in an interview at Bennett College called a "chilly climate."  Often fewer in number as faculty and senior administrators, but greater as lower-ranking housekeeping and food services staff, African American women's presence on campuses across the country, according to various interviewees, resembles life on a plantation. Through discussions about their formal education since primary school - what I refer to as their education narratives - African American women identify race, gender and class as dictating the quality of their education and the toll these factors take on their lives as intellectuals, administrators, and academic support workers.

For the archive, I will interview over 100 women from all ranks of faculty, staff, and administrators (upon occasion, select students). All interviews will be catalogued, used for museum installations and used for primary source researcher material.  Select narratives will be featured in my documentary.

Courses Taught

  1. FM 104: African American Cinema
  2. FM 120: Beginning Screenwriting
  3. FM 132: Directing for Film & TV
  4. FM 301: Independent Study in Film
  5. FM 302: Film Internship
  6. FTM 104: World Cinema: Nonfiction
  7. FTM 120: Beg Screenwriting for Film &TV
  8. FTM 204: African American Cinema
  9. FTM 310: Senior Capstone Seminar I
  10. FTM 311: Senior Capstone Seminar II
  11. HR 202: Honors Seminar
  12. NM 10: IntroNewMediaArtsFilmTVRadio
  13. NM 310: Senior Capstone Seminar
  14. NM 311: Senior Capstone Seminar II
  15. TL 230: Remote Television Production
  16. TL 232: Documentary Production
  17. TL 301: Ind Study in Television