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Dr. Michael T. Tucker

Professor of Finance
o: Dolan School of Business Rm 2112
p: x2833
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  • Articles
    • Michael Tucker, Privatization: Chicago Parking Meters, LLC, International Research Journal of Applied Finance, 2012.
    • Michael Tucker, The Limited Impact of Required Minimum Distribution on Insolvency and Bequest Attainment,Journal of Personal Finance, 8 2010, 48-62.
    • Michael Tucker, Investing in Environmental Technology: An On-Campus Geothermal Building, Journal of Business Cases & Applications, 2(1) 2010, 17-24.
    • Michael Tucker, SUBPRIME MORTGAGES: A CASE PROVIDING THE PERSPECTIVES OF A HOME BUYER AND A CDO TRADER, Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies, 15(7) 2009, 1-10.
    • Michael Tucker, Optimal Retirement Ages for Couples Considering Social Security Payments and Withdrawals from Private Savings, Financial Services Review, 18 2009, 249-260.
    • Michael Tucker, HABITAT FOR HUMANITY: CAN MORTGAGE ASSET UTILIZATION BE IMPROVED?, Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies, 15(5) 2009, 73-80.
    • Michael Tucker, Optimal Retirement Age Under Normal and Negative Market Conditions Considering Social Security and Private Savings, Journal of Financial Planning, 22(7) 2009, 42-49.
    • Walter Hlawitschka and Michael Tucker, Utility comparison between security selectors, asset allocators and equally weighted portfolios within a selected ETF, Journal of Asset Management, 9(2) 2008, 67-72.
    • Michael Tucker, The Development and Evolution of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis, E-Journal of Business & Economic Issues, 3(2) 2008.
    • Sandra J. Ducoffe, Cheryl L. Tromley and Michael Tucker, The Pedagogical Efficacy of Group Projects: A Longitudinal Comparison of Student Perceptions, Journal of Excellence in College Teaching, 17(3) 2006.
    • Michael Tucker and Brian L. Beirne, Reimportation of Canadian Prescription Drugs into the United States: Regulatory, Economic, and Policy Implications, Journal of Medicine and Law, 10(2) 2006, 491-522.
    • Walter Hlawitschka and Michael Tucker, Wealth Management: The Relative Importance of Asset Allocation and Security Selection, Journal of Asset Management, 7(1) 2006, 49-59.
    • Sandra J. Ducoffe, Cheryl L. Tromley and Michael Tucker, Interdisciplinary, Team-Taught, Undergraduate Business Courses: The Impact of Integration, Journal of Management Education, 30 2006, 276-295.
    • Michael Tucker and Winston M. Tellis, Microfinance Institutions in Transition: Fonkoze in Haiti Moves Toward Regulated Banking Status, Journal of Microfinance, 7(2) 2006, 102-125.
    • Michael Tucker and Cheryl L. Tromley, Dams and Salmon: A Northwest Choice, Journal of Management Education, 29(3) 2005, 512-526.
    • Michael Tucker and Brian Beirne, Asymmetric Information, Underpricing and IPO Allocation: The Case of Goldman Sachs IPOs Cited by the House Financial Services Committee, Journal of Business and Economics Studies, 10(2) 2004, 54-67.
    • Michael Tucker and Rodrigo Obando, The Efficacy of Computer Generated Visualization of Financial Ratios,Advances in Financial Education, 2004, 48-57.
    • Michael Tucker and Gerald Miles, “Financial Performance of Microfinance Institutions: A Comparison to Performance of Regional Commercial Banks by Geographic Regions,”, Journal of Microfinance, 6(1) 2004, 1-15.
    • Sandra J. Ducoffe and Michael Tucker, Is the Price Right? A Marketing Exercise in Setting a Selling Price,Marketing Education Review, 14(1) 2004, 13-19.
    • Michael Tucker and Winston M. Tellis, Business Creation in the Developing World: A Haitian Bakery, Case Research Journal, 22(4) 2003.
    • Michael Tucker, Sandra Ducoffe and Cheryl L. Tromley, Movie Moguls: An Integrated Business Simulation,Journal of the Academy of Business Education, 2(1) 2002.
    • Michael Tucker, “Partial Privatization of Social Security: A Simulation of Possible Outcomes and Risks to Workers of One Proposal”, Financial Services Review, 11(4) 2002, 311-327.
    • Michael Tucker, Felix Schläpfer and Irmi Seidl, Returns from hay cultivation in fertilized low diversity and non-fertilized high diversity grassland – An “insurance” value of grassland plant diversity, Environment and Resource Economics, 21(1) 2002, 89-100.
    • Michael Tucker and Cheryl L. Tromley, The Northern Spotted Owl and the Tragedy of the Commons: Stakes and Stakeholders, The Journal of Management Education, 26(1) 2002, 99-115.
    • Michael Tucker, Financial Performance of Selected Microfinance Institutions: Benchmarking Progress to Sustainability, Journal of Microfinance, 3(2) 2001, 107-123.
    • Michael Tucker, Trading Carbon Tradable Offsets Under Kyoto’s Clean Development Mechanism: The Economic Advantages to Buyers and Sellers of Using Call Options, Ecological Economics, 37(2) 2001, 173-182.
    • Michael Tucker, The Northwest U.S. Dam Breaching decision: Factors, Costs and Benefits, Environment, Development and Sustainability, 2001.
    • Carl A. Scheraga, Michael Tucker and Winston M. Tellis, Lead Users and Technology Transfer to Lesser-Developed Countries: Analysis With an Application to Haiti, Technology in Society, 2000.
    • Michael Tucker, Can Solar Cooking Save the Forests?, Ecological Economics, 31 1999, 77-89.
    • Michael Tucker and Winston M. Tellis, Case Development in a Third World Country: Solar Cooking in Haiti, The Qualitative Report, 1999.
    • Michael Tucker, Asset Allocation Under Partial and Complete Privatization of Social Security Contributions,Journal of Financial Services Research, 14(1) 1998.
    • Michael Tucker, Climate Change and the Insurance Industry: The Cost of Increased Risk and the Impetus for Action, Ecological Economics, 22 1997, 85-96.
    • Michael Tucker and Thomas E. Conine, Jr., On the Implications of Leverage Adjustments in the Framework of Arbitrage Pricing Theory Under Modigliani-Miller Propositions, Advances in Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 1997.
    • Michael Tucker and Eldridge Robert, Foreign Investment Risk and Return on Index-Linked Gilts, International Journal of Finance, 8(1) 1996.
    • Michael Tucker and Greg Koutmos, Temporal Relationships and Dynamic Interactions Between Spot and Futures Stock Markets, Journal of Futures Markets, 1996.
    • Michael Tucker, The Environment and Free Markets: A Fishing Exercise, National Pollution Prevention Center for Higher Education, 1995.
    • Michael Tucker, Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Global GDP, Ecological Economics, 15 1995.
    • Michael Tucker, Mandating a Market for Electric Vehicles: Motivating a Small Manufacturer, Management Institute for Environment and Business, 1995.
    • Michael Tucker, Russian Financial Institutions in an Emerging Free Market Economy, Business and the Contemporary World, 7(1) 1995.
    • Michael Tucker, Replacing Ozone Depleting Chemicals: Taxes And Decisions For A Manufacturer, National Pollution Prevention Center for Higher Education, 1995.
    • Michael Tucker, The Shocking State of Electric Car Technology, Business and Society Review, 3 1995.
    • Michael Tucker, Pollution Prevention: Economically Viable Environmental Protection, Business and the Contemporary World, 3 1995.
    • Michael Tucker, Green Lights’ Economics: Graphic Design Considers a Lighting Upgrade, National Pollution Prevention Center for Higher Education, 1995.
    • Michael Tucker, Art as an Investment: A Portfolio Allocation Analysis, Managerial Finance, 21(6) 1995.
    • Michael Tucker and Walter Hlawitschka, Asset Allocation and the Equity Premium Puzzle, Journal of Business, Finance and Accounting, 1995.
    • Michael Tucker, A Proposed Debt-for-Nature Swap in Madagascar and the Larger Problem of LDC Debt,International Environmental Affairs, 1994.
    • Michael Tucker, A Financial Analysis of a Proposed Madagascar Debt-for-Nature Swap, Journal of Multinational Financial Management, 2(2) 1994.
    • Michael Tucker and Oscar Jensen, Short-Term Interest Rate Persistence and Cyclical Variation: A Rescaled Range Analysis, Business Journal, 1994.
    • Michael Tucker, A Note on Refinancing an Adjustable Rate Mortgage with a Fixed Rate Mortgage, Vanguard: The Connecticut Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, 1994.
    • Michael Tucker and Walter Hlawitschka, Mean-Variance Versus Target Return Investment Strategies, The Mid-Atlantic Journal of Business, 30(2) 1994.

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