Image of faculty member, Marice Rose

Dr. Marice Rose

Associate Professor of Visual & Performing Arts
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  • Co-author with Katherine A. Schwab, "Fishtail Braids and the Caryatid Hairstyling Project: Fashion Today and in Ancient Athens," Catwalk: The Journal of Fashion, Beauty, and Style 4 (2015), 1-24.
  • Co–editor with Alison Poe, Receptions of Antiquity, Constructions of Gender in European Art, 1300–1600 (Leiden: Brill, 2015)
  • Co-author with Katherine A. Schwab, "Self and Society," in A Cultural History of Hair in Antiquity (Bloomsbury, forthcoming).
  • “A New Approach to Teaching Roman Art,” Classical World (forthcoming)
  • “Objects of Stone,” Palatine East: Excavations of the Soprintendenza Archeologica di Roma and the American Academy in Rome, 1988–1994. Volume 2. Edited by J.R. Brandt, A. St. Clair, E. Hostetter (Rome: DeLuca Editori d'Arte, 2014), 19-26
  • “‘Our Empire is Your Empire’: Classical Reception of Caesars Palace, Atlantic City,” International Journal of the Classical Tradition 21 (2014), 159–179
  • “‘Object Lesson’: Using Family Heirlooms to Engage Students in Art History,” Art Education 65 (2012), 47–52
  • Didactic materials, “From Kells to Clonmacnoise: Medieval Irish Art in Context,” Bellarmine Museum of Art, April 18–May 24, 2011
  • “The Late Antique Silver Dancer in Boston,” New England Classical Journal 37.3 (2010), 177–191
  • Co–author with Roben Torosyan, “Integrating Big Questions with Real World Applications: Models from Art History and Philosophy,” New Directions for Teaching and Learning 119 (2009), 61–71
  • “The Construction of Mistress and Female Slave Relationships in Late Antique Art,” Woman's Art Journal 30 (2008), 41–49
  • “The Trier Ceiling: Power and Status on Display in Late Antiquity,” Greece and Rome 53 (2006), 92–109
  • Vassos Karageorghis, Joan R. Mertens, Marice E. Rose, Art of Ancient Cyprus: The Cesnola Collection in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York: Harry N. Abrams, 2000)



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