Image of faculty member, Nels Pearson

Dr. Nels C. Pearson

Associate Professor of English
o: Donnarumma Hall Rm 106
p: x3452


B.A., M. A., James Madison University
Ph.D., University of Maryland

Current Research Interests

My areas of specialization are Twentieth-Century British Literature, Literary Modernism, and Irish Literature. My research focuses on modernism in its historical and political contexts, especially Irish and British modernism as they relate to imperialism, nationalism and national identity, and debates surrounding the concept of cosmopolitanism.

My scholarly articles have appeared in ELH, Modern Fiction Studies, Twentieth Century Literature, Irish University Review, Conradiana, European Joyce Studies, Studies in Scottish Literature, and The Victorian Newsletter. I am also co-editor, with Dr. Marc Singer, of Detective Fiction in a Postcolonial and Transnational World (Ashgate, 2009), and am completing a book entitled Irish Cosmopolitanism: Location and Dislocation in James Joyce, Elizabeth Bowen and Samuel Beckett.

My research focuses on literary modernism in its historical and political contexts, especially British and Irish modernism in the context of imperialism, national identity, and incipient globalization. I am also interested in how shifting discourses of cosmopolitanism and transnationalism shape our understanding of such concepts as exile, expatriation, and universality in twentieth century literature.


Courses Taught

  1. EN 11: Texts and Contexts I
  2. EN 12: Texts and Contexts II
  3. EN 161: Irish Literature
  4. EN 217: Romantics,Vict,Mod:British Lit
  5. EN 218: 20th Century British Litr
  6. EN 274: Modernism in World Literature
  7. EN 319: James Joyce
  8. EN 399: Independent Study
  9. HR 101: Minds and Bodies