Image of faculty member, Karen Burrows

Dr. Karen H. Burrows

Assistant Visiting Professor of Nursing
o: School of Nursing Annex Rm 3
p: x2092


Current Research Interests

Dr. Burrows recent research focused on identifying the barriers to healthy eating in minority and nonminority pregnant patients.

Courses Taught

  1. NS 301: Wellness to Illness Clinical
  2. NS 301C: Health and Wellness Clinical
  3. NS 301: Health and Wellness Clinical
  4. NS 310: Research in Nursing
  5. NS 312: Patterns of Illness I Clinical
  6. NS 312C: Medl Surgical Nursing I Clinic
  7. NS 312: Med Surgical Nursing I Clinic
  8. NS 314: NsgWom&ChildbearingFmlyClin
  9. NS 314C: Maternal/Newborn Nursing Clin
  10. NS 314: Maternal/Newborn Nursing Clin
  11. NS 314C: Maternal/Newborn Nursing Clin
  12. NS 321: Prof Nursing:Leadership & Man
  13. NS 608: Rese Methods Evid-Based Prac