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Aloysius P. Kelley, S.J. Chair in Catholic Studies & Professor of Religious Studies
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Fairfield University to dedicate St. Robert Bellarmine statue

Fairfield University in Connecticut will dedicate a statue of its patron saint, Jesuit St. Robert Bellarmine, in a ceremony coinciding with its 2014 Bellarmine Lecture. Jesuit Father Michael Fahey, scholar in residence at Fairfield and former president of the Catholic Theological Society of America, will speak about St. Bellarmine's relevance today. "It's a unique occasion, to have the annual Bellarmine Lecture coincide with the dedication of a splendid new statue of St. Robert Bellarmine, Jesuit, cardinal and doctor of the church," said Paul F. Lakeland, Ph.D., the Aloysius P. Kelley, S.J. Chair in Catholic Studies and director of the Center for Catholic Studies.

Published in Society of Jesus website, on 1/27/14

First Jesuit elected Pope

Paul F. Lakeland, Ph.D., the Aloysius P. Kelley S.J. Chair in Catholic Studies, and director of Fairfield University's Center for Catholic Studies, was interviewed for WNPR's newscast about Pope Francis I.

Appeared on WNPR/Connecticut Public Broadcasting on 3/14/13

New Pope brings many firsts for Catholic Church

Dr. Paul Lakeland offers his thoughts on Pope Francis I. "When Cardinal Bergoglio became Pope Francis yesterday, the Catholic Church experienced a few firsts. For one, he is the first Latin American pope. "One of the great challenges to the Catholic church is that, although there are two thirds of Catholics who now live in the global south, the sort of consciousness of the church in Rome remains overwhelmingly Euro-Centric," said Dr. Paul Lakeland, Fairfield University's Center for Catholic Studies Director."

Appeared on WTNH-TV, ABC affiliate in Connecticut on 3/14/13

Pope Francis brings firsts

"His choice of name, I think, is remarkable," said Paul Lakeland, chair of Catholic Studies at Fairfield (Conn.) University, a Jesuit school. "It's a way of striking out on his own. What does St. Francis mean to the church? He means poverty. He means humility. He means reform for the church. Whatever the cardinals were thinking in electing Bergoglio, they were thinking that reform will be one of his responsibilities."

Published in The Journal News on 3/13/13

Connecticut Catholics have high expectations for Pope Francis

Professor Paul F. Lakeland of Fairfield University, a Jesuit school, said Francis' election "will surely be considered an upset" because of his age (76) and his membership in the Society of Jesus, which is known for its work in education and social justice. The Jesuits' support of liberation theology was condemned by Pope John Paul II. "Perhaps the cardinals saw in him a person whom everyone respects and therefore found him to be an obvious compromise candidate as well as one whose election recognizes the enormous importance of the church of the south in general and that of Latin America in particular," said Lakeland, director of Fairfield's Center for Catholic Studies.

Published in New Haven Register, Housatonic Times on 3/13/123