Image of faculty member, Alison Kris

Dr. Alison E. Kris

Associate Professor of Nursing
o: School of Nursing Rm 117
p: x2709


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Validity and Reliability of the Geriatric Sexuality Inventory (2013). Kazer, MW, Grossman, S., Kerins G., Kris, A., Tocchi, C. Journal of Gerontological Nursing. 1-8.

Pressure Ulcers Among Terminally Ill Nursing Home Residents:  A Prospective Study

Kayser-Jones, J., Kris, A., Lim, KC, Walent, R., Halifax, E., Paul, S. (2008) Research in Gerontological Nursing 1 (1).


Hospice Care in Nursing Homes: Does It Contribute to Higher Quality Pain Management? (2006). Kayser-Jones, J. Kris, A., Miaskowski, C., Lyons, W., Paul, S. The Gerontologist. 46 (3) p 325-333.


Length of Hospice Enrollment and Subsequent Depression in Family Caregivers: 13-Month Follow-Up Study. (2006). Kris, A., Cherlin, E., Prigerson, H.,  Carlson,MDA., Johnson-Hurzeler,R., Kasl, S.V., Bradley, E. The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry. 14 (3). 264-269.

A Model Long-Term Care Unit: Care Community and Compassion. (2005). Kayser-Jones,J., Chan, J.,  Kris, A. Geriatric Nursing. 26 (1) p. 16-20.

Symptom Experience of Adult Medical-Surgical Patients. (2004). Kris, A., Dodd, M. The Journal of Pain and Symptom Management. 28(5) p. 451-9.


Factors that Influence End-of-Life Care in Nursing Homes: The Physical Environment, Inadequate Staffing and Lack of Supervision (2003). Kayser-Jones, J., Schell, E., Lyons, W., Kris, A., Chan, J., Beard, R., The Gerontologist (43) Special Issue II p. 76-84.


Gerontological Nurse Certification Review, Second Ed. (2015). Kris, A., Springer Publishing. NY.


Book Chapters

Dying Well (2015). Kris, A. In Kazer, M. Improving the Quality of Life of Older Adults Across Environments of Care. Springer Publishing, NY

Staff education and patterns to promote quality of life (2015). Kris, A. In Kazer, M. Improving the Quality of Life of Older Adults Across Environments of Care. Springer Publishing, NY

Personal Transformation and Curricula Change. In P.Schmidt, M.B. Combs (eds). (2014). Campbell, S.H., Greiner, P., Shea, J., Grossman, S., Kris, A. & Miners, L.,Justice in Jesuit Higher Education, Transforming the world and Being Transformed, New York, N.Y.: Fordham University Press.


Care of an Older Adult with Congestive Heart Failure. (2013). Kris A. In Simulation Scenarios for Nurse Educators: Making it real. Springer Publishing, NY. 67-77.


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