Image of faculty member, Lynn Babington

Dr. Lynn Babington

Dean for the School of Nursing
o: School of Nursing Rm 104
p: x2701


Current Research Interests

Lynn’s expertise and research interests includes curricular development, nursing accreditation, finance and business, nursing administration, organizational development, health care systems and professional role development.  Including work in these areas, Lynn’s scholarship has focused on working with vulnerable immigrant populations, increasing access and quality of culturally appropriate health care. Funded studies included working with Dominican adolescents on high-risk behavior, both in the US and in the Dominican Republic, working with Vietnamese mothers on healthy eating behaviors for young children, and multiple studies involving students in clinical areas.  She has worked for 15 years as a volunteer and leader of a non-profit organization that provides sustainable health care by nurses in the western frontier of the Dominican Republic.


Courses Taught

  1. NS 699: DNP Seminar