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Dr. Shanon M. Reckinger

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
o: Bannow Science Center Rm 106
p: x2527
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Current Research Interests

My background is in computational fluid dynamics, numerical methods, and general fluid dynamics.  Most of my research has been in the field of ocean modeling, but with a focus on the development of advanced numerical techniques to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the models.  During my graduate work, I extended novel numerical techniques like the Adaptive Wavelet Collocation Method and Brinkman Penalization to be used on equations sets like the Shallow Water equations.  I used this work to simulate Western Boundary Currents (like the Gulf Stream) and tsunamis and see if these new methods showed potential for these applications in ocean modeling.  

In collaboration with the Climate, Ocean, Sea Ice Modeling (COSIM) group at Los Alamos National Lab (LANL), I have been using their new unstructured ocean model, MPAS-O, to study 3D idealized oceanic overflow test cases, used to benchmark new models.  I have also worked with the MITgcm ocean model to do direct comparisons of idealized overflows with a series of laboratory experiments conducted in my lab.  

I have also worked on other research projects relating to fluid dynamics such as studying the fluid dynamics of suction feeding and microfluidics in 3D printed parts used for heat exchangers in commericial refrigeration.  I have developed and led numerous senior design projects, which have mostly centered around sustainability including a rainwater harvester for the student center on campus and a greens spinner for local farms and campus catering.  

Research Interests: Computational Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Methods, Ocean Modeling, Fluids, Climate, Sustainability

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