Creating a Balance

During your college experience, it is important to strive to maintain a balance of these important areas:
Emotional, Mental, Environmental, and Physical.


  • Recognize when your emotions affect your body
  • Express your needs, feelings and opinions appropriately
  • Use humor to defuse negative thoughts or situations
  • Use journal writing to relieve stress and express your thoughts
  • Talk to a trusted friend or family member and vent
  • Give and receive lots of hugs
  • Be optimistic - believe in yourself and your abilities
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed, make an appointment with a professional healthcare provider


  • Find outlets that are intellectually stimulating
  • Engage in conversation with those around you
  • Expose yourself to books, magazines, and worldly events that are intriguing
  • Set and meet realistic goals academically, personally, and professionally
  • Take advantage of opportunities that may offer you different experiences
  • Decide on things that help you relax and do them
  • Relaxation techniques can help you momentarily escape from your day - try visualization, yoga, or meditation
  • Deep breathing can help the mind-body connection
  • Spoil yourself after completing a goal


  • Appreciate and respect the environment
  • Do your part to preserve and improve environmental conditions
  • Have a place that you can go to relax, chill out
  • Whether it's at home or work, have a welcoming space for you and others to feel comfortable in
  • Colors can be a great way to spice up an area - decide which ones light your fire!
  • Reduce noise and pollution such as secondhand smoke, etc.
  • Keep yourself and others safe - like buckling up


  • Get a physical exam
  • Be consistent with self-exams like BSE/TSE
  • For women: gynecological exam
  • Current immunizations
  • Regular exercising
  • Balanced meals
  • Dental and eye exams
  • Limit or avoid alcohol and tobacco
  • Get a massage to ease tired and worked muscles
  • Get a group of friends together and play a sport or do something active


  • Develop relationships where both parties feel good
  • Able to interact with others in public and private situations
  • Comfortable adapting to various social settings
  • Can stick to values and beliefs without being persuaded by peer pressure
  • Join clubs to expand your social network, it's a great way to not only get involved but to also meet new people that share your same interests
  • Read the newspaper - you will be amazed with all of the events happening on and off campus


  • Nourish yourself through personal beliefs, morals and/or religion
  • Feel connected with one's self and others
  • Find purpose in life
  • Find meaning in the little things you do everyday
  • Develop a philosophy of life that you want to live by