RecPlex - Membership

RecPlex is undergoing a renovation and will be re-opening in the fall 2016

Membership in the RecPlex includes use of the facility and its basic functions* during normal hours of operation, except for special occasions where the facility may be restricted due to University events or programs, maintenance, or other reasons. Fitness classes or other special programs may be fee-based and limited on the basis of availability. The University reserves the right to modify the hours of operation at any time.

*Basic functions include:

  • Fitness equipment
  • Weight equipment
  • Birkenstock Fieldhouse
  • Locker rooms
  • Pool

RecPlex Prices for Membership Year 2013-14

Membership Type


University and Prep faculty/staff


University and Prep faculty/staff spouse

$100 (January 1 - $50)

University and Prep faculty/staff child(ren)
Flat rate: includes all children 21 and under


Adjunct faculty and Adjunct family

Call or come in

for additional information.


University and Prep alumni

$390 (January 1 - $195)

University and Prep alumni spouse

$200 (January 1 - $100)

University and Prep alumni child(ren)
Flat rate: includes all children 21 and under


Graduate student (per semester)


Non-Traditional (per semester)


Learning for a Lifetime


Prep student




Summer spouse


Summer child(ren)
Flat rate: includes all children 21 and under


Locker rental (full, men's lockers only)
Subject to availability


Locker rental (half), subject to availability



How to Join

Application forms are available at the main reception desk Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Employees must present a valid Fairfield University identification card (i.e., the StagCard) in order to join. Payment by cash or check only must be made at the time the membership is initiated. The RecPlex is not equipped to accept credit cards. Employees can make payment through payroll deduction. Spouses and children over 18 must sign a Waiver of Liability, and the parent of a child under 18 must sign a Parental Consent Form.

Access to the RecPlex

Entrance to the building and use of its equipment and services is restricted to members only. Members must present their membership card (i.e., the StagCard) to the reception desk where it will be recorded through the card swipe system. Failure to present a valid card will prevent the individual from entering the facility.