Transfer of Credit

Copies of course descriptions for all college courses are necessary to complete a credit evaluation. Be sure to include your full name on all information.

Please keep in mind:

  • No courses with grades less than "C" will be accepted for transfer credit.
  • Credit will be granted only for specific work completed at institutions whose quality has been approved by the University.
  • Only the credit hours will be accepted for credit. The actual grades will not transfer.
  • Courses that are 10 years or older cannot be transferred to fulfill major requirements for graduation.
  • Students entering Fairfield University may be eligible to receive college credit for work previously completed in high school: through Advanced Placement exams, International Baccalaureate courses, or through college courses completed while in high school. First-year students should make sure that official results or transcripts are sent to Fairfield as soon as possible in order to have more options in course planning.
  • Fairfield University has a residency requirement for transferring students. As a result, students must spend four semesters in the full-time day program and complete a minimum of 60 credit hours at Fairfield University in order to be eligible for the degree.

International Credit

Transfer students with international academic credentials must have their documents translated (if not in English) and evaluated. Please refer to our international transfer students page for more information and referral to the WES evaluation.

When will I graduate?

A transfer student's date of graduation is determined by the number of credits accepted in transfer and the number of Fairfield University semesters these credits satisfy. The normal academic load for undergraduates is 15 credits per semester. Therefore, students are expected to have completed 30 credits at the end of one year, 60 at the end of two years, etc.

Students Interested in Engineering

If you are interested in applying to the School of Engineering and are currently taking classes in one of several community colleges within the area, please use our published articulation agreements to help plan your schedule and assess which credits will in fact transfer:

School of Engineering Articulation Agreements

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