Becoming a Visiting Student at Fairfield University

What is a "Visiting Student"?

A visiting student is defined as non-matriculated, non-degree seeking student whose goal is to earn credits at Fairfield University that will then be applied elsewhere.

What are the restrictions on Visiting Students?

A visiting student is restricted to taking three courses a semester with a maximum of six courses total. After six courses, a student will need to apply for a program of study in order to continue taking courses at Fairfield. Any student wishing to attend full-time, even as a "visiting student," must complete a part-time application.

When do Visiting Students Register?

Visiting Students register for courses during "open" registration periods, which are typically beginning July 1st for Fall and December 1st for Spring. Registration is on a seat available basis.

Please note that any student who has already applied to and been rejected from Fairfield University cannot attend as a visiting student the following year.

How do I become a Visiting Student?

Step One: Obtain a Fairfield Student ID# - make sure to select “Visiting Student” when prompted on the drop down menu.
Step Two: Obtain a NetID - make sure you have your Student ID# ready.
Step Three: Complete and Submit a Dean of Students Form
Step Four: Print out a copy of your unofficial transcript and make an advising appointment with:

A) Dr. Aaron Perkus, College of Arts and Sciences
B) Ms. Meredith McAloon, Dolan School of Business
C) Dr. Bill Taylor, School of Engineering