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Fairfield University Merit Scholarships

All admitted students are automatically considered for a merit scholarship, regardless of whether he or she has completed an application for financial aid. Eligibility for a merit scholarship is determined after a thorough review of all aspects of a student's application, including the overall academic record, strength of the academic program and extra-curricular involvement. In keeping with the holistic review of applications, there are no established minimum grades or standardized test scores required for merit scholarship consideration. Approximately 30% of the Class of 2015 was awarded a merit scholarship, and scholarships ranged from $7,000 to $25,000.

Students who are named Magis Scholars have excelled academically while also making the most of the opportunities presented to them through high school or their community. Magis Scholars are required to participate in certain activities, choosing from a wide array of opportunities that reflect our commitment to the integration of life and learning and the betterment of the community. The scholarship provides an annual grant of $25,000, which is renewable for four years provided students maintain a 3.0 GPA.

Fairfield Tuition Grants

Fairfield Tuition Grants (need-based) awards are made after a thorough analysis of a family's ability to pay and they may vary from year to year according to the student's need and the availability of funds. A student's need is the difference between the total cost of education and the family's expected family contribution (EFC), as determined by the CSS Profile. Fairfield University invests a substantial portion of its own resources for student aid, but is unable to meet the full demonstrated need of all students. Additionally, Fairfield has over 170 need-based awards in endowed scholarships. Students do not have to apply for these scholarships as all students who meet the criteria will automatically be notified in their award letter.

Students receiving University grants or scholarships are eligible to receive such assistance for eight consecutive semester from the date of enrollment as a first year student. Semesters spent in a study abroad program (whether Fairfield or that of another institution) are included in the eight consecutive semester limit whether or not a student receives University aid during the semesters abroad. The eight consecutive semester limit is pro-rated for transfer students.

Expanded Tuition Programs for Graduates of Bridgeport High Schools

Fairfield University is deeply committed to the students of Bridgeport and their future educational goals. Since 1999, the University has sponsored the Community Partnership Scholars Program at four Bridgeport high schools (Bassick, Central, Harding and Kolbe-Cathedral). Through this program, Fairfield University collaborates with the schools on admission and financial aid mentoring, provides resources to cover group visits to campus, and funds a full tuition scholarship awarded every year at each of the four schools.

Fairfield University has expanded this effort in two significant ways. The first is to provide full tuition scholarships to Bridgeport high school students whose annual family income is under $50,000 and whose financial assets are typical of families with this annual income. Based on individual circumstances, students may qualify for additional financial aid to cover fees, room, board, and personal expenses related to enrollment. Any student who is admitted to Fairfield University, will graduate from one of the Bridgeport high schools listed and has attended that school for at least one full academic year is eligible for this award.

  • Bassick High School
  • Bridge Academy
  • Bridgeport International Academy
  • Bridgeport Military Academy
  • Bullard Havens Vocational-Technical High School
  • Central High School
  • Harding High School
  • Kolbe Cathedral High School
  • The Interdistrict Magnet Schools at the Fairchild Wheeler Campus

The second effort includes expansion of Fairfield University's commitment to the Community Partnership Scholars Program by providing additional scholarships to eligible students. Students with additional demonstrated financial need beyond the base award may qualify for further assistance.

Eligibility Guidelines: The Bridgeport high school full-time student must apply to Fairfield University for undergraduate admission by either the early action or regular decision application deadline each year. Students must be offered admission through the standard admission review process to be eligible.

Additionally, the CSS Profile, Noncustodial Parent PROFILE (if applicable) and FAFSA applications must be received by the Office of Financial Aid by the February 15th deadline.

The student's family must annually demonstrate a federal Adjusted Gross Income of under $50,000 along with having financial assets that are typical of households with this income. Proper documentation of income (most recent federal tax return) is required in order to qualify for the award. Parent federal tax returns (from previous year) must be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid by March 31st to determine eligibility.

Students also must be enrolled as full-time, day students at Fairfield University to be eligible for this tuition program. Students must enroll at Fairfield in the first semester following their high school graduation.

For additional information, contact the Office of Financial Aid.