Core Curriculum Diversity Requirements at Fairfield University

core_logoU.S. Diversity

In order to help students develop a critical consciousness of self and society, all undergraduates are required to select one course that gives significant treatment to aspects of diversity and pluralism in U.S. society. Such courses will explore, in a systematic manner, connections between race, class, and gender, and will examine issues of privilege and difference in U.S. society. Additional aspects of diversity - including religion, sexual orientation, and ethnicity - may also be considered. Approved courses will be designated by a special symbol in each semester's course schedule booklet. This requirement will not add credit hours or an extra course to a student's degree program; students will be able to select a designated diversity course from among core requirement courses, major courses, or electives.

A list of courses that currently satisfy the U.S. Diversity requirement follows. Please note that new courses are added each year.

AC 345 Federal Income Taxation II
AE 262 Ethics/Community
AE 265 Ethics in Education
AE 291 Business Ethics (designated sections)
AE 397 Seminar in Bioethics
AH 165 Black Experience
BL 101 Introduction to Black Studies
BU 320 Employment Law & Discrimination in the Workplace
BU 325 Law, Women & Work
CO 236 Gender, Sexuality, and Media
CO 239 Consumer Culture
CO 240 Intercultural Communication
CO 246 Family Communication
CO 338 Communications and Popular Culture
EC 114 Economics of Race, Class & Gender in the American Workplace
EC 265 Distribution of Income & Poverty in the United States
ED 200 Explorations in Education: Introduction to Teaching, Learning and Schooling
EN 11 Texts and Contexts I (designated sections)
EN 12 Texts and Contexts II (designated sections)
EN 125/TA 120 American Drama
EN 172 Literacy and Language
EN 205 Writing the Self: Autobiography in America
EN 261 The African American Literary Tradition
EN 262 The Harlem Renaissance
EN 263 African American Women Writers
EN 264 African American Fiction 1940 to 1980
EN 265 Contemporary African American Fiction
EN 281 Native American Literature
EN 282 Introduction to Latin@ Literature
EN 283 Novels and Films in the Asian Diaspora
EN 284 American Women Writers of Color
EN 352 Introduction to Cultural Studies
EN/W 339 Grant and Proposal Writing
HI 232 Jefferson's America: 1760-1850
HI 239 Twentieth-Century America
HI 240 Women's Activism - 1960's
HI 241 Examining the 60's
HI 245 Feminism in America
HI 246 Excellent Women/Deviant Women: The Female Experience
HI 247 Family and Sexuality in U.S. History
HI 257 Who Built America? Working People in American History
HI 260 American Indian History
HI 262 African-American History, 1619-1865
HI 263 Inventing Themselves: African-American Women in U.S. History
HI 264 African-American History from 1865
HI 292 Social and Cultural History of the African Diaspora
HI 342 Immigration & Ethnicity
HR 200 Challenges to West Tradition
IS 220 Technology & Society
IT 393 The Italian-American Experience
MG 320 Diversity in the Workplace
MU 101 The History of Jazz
MU 102 History & Development of Rock
MU 112 Music of Black American
MU 201 Critical Issues of American Popular Music
NS 112 Healthcare Delivery Systems
NS 250 Professional Nursing
NS 262 Health in Rural Appalachia
PH 360 Critical Race Theory
PJ 125 Homelessness: Causes & Consequences
PO 119 Introduction to Feminist Thought
PO 152 Weapons of the Weak
PO 153 The Politics of Race, Class & Gender
PO 165 Political Parties, Interest Groups & Public Opinion
PO 220 Seminar on Feminist Theory
PY 111 Developmental Psychology for Non-Majors (designated sections)
PY 212 Developmental Psychology for Majors with Lab (designated sections)
RS 213 Jews & Judaism in America
RS 235 Liberation Theology
RS 236 Christian Feminist Theology
RS 275 Islam in America
SO 112 American Society
SO 151 Sociology of Religion
SO 161 American Class Structure
SO 162 Race, Gender & Ethnic Relations
SO 165 Race, Cities & Poverty
SO 167 Race, Gender & Contemporary Media
SO 169 Women: Work and Sport
SO 181 Aids in the United States
SP 359 Culture, Civilization & Literature in the Spanish-American Caribbean Region
TA 120 American Drama
TA 123 American Women Playwrights
TA 241 Examining the 60's

World Diversity

In addition to the U.S. diversity course, a world diversity course is required of all undergraduates. This course focuses on a non-Western culture or society, exclusive of Europe and the United States, and their literary, artistic, musical, religious, philosophical, political, economic, or social traditions. Though courses primarily emphasizing North American and European topics will not count toward this requirement, courses focusing on Native American, Russian, and pre-Columbian or Latin American cultures can meet the requirement. Core language courses do not meet this requirement while literature and culture courses may satisfy it. Moreover, such a course will not emphasize international relations or business relations vis-á-vis Europe or the United States. A study abroad experience may satisfy this requirement if it meets with the spirit and letter of this mission statement.

A list of courses that currently satisfy the world diversity requirement follows. Please note that new courses are added each year.

AE 270 Ethical Dimensions of Global Violence, War, Terrorism and Humanitarian Intervention
AE 275 Ethics and the Global Environment
AE 276 Ethical Dimensions in Global Business Policy
AE 288 Ethical Dimensions in Global Human Policy
AE 289 Health Care Policy
AE 384 Reflections on the Environment: Focus on Latin America and the Caribbean
AH 012 Introduction to the Art History of Asia, Africa & the Americas
AH 100 Arts of India, China & Japan
AY 111 Cultural Anthropology
AY 130 Societies & Cultures of Latin America & Africa
AY 140 Marriage in Cross-Cultural Perspective
AY 150 Societies & Cultures of Asia & the Pacific
AY 152 Islamic Societies & Cultures
AY 168 Women & Men: The Anthropology of Gender
AY 190 North African Society and Culture
BUS 301A Cross-Cultural Management
CI 250/EN 118 Modern China thru Fiction & Film
CI 251 New Chinese Cinema
CI 252/EN 119 The City and Modern China
CO 241 Communication and Culture: East and West

EC 120 Environmental Economics
EC 230 Comparative Economic Systems
EC 235 Economic Development of Third World Nations
EN 101 Gateway to Literary and Cultural Studies
EN 102 Introduction to Contemporary World Literature
EN 105 The African Diaspora: Literature & Culture
EN 114/FR 295 Caribbean Literature: History, Culture and Identity
EN 354 Theories of/in Globalization
EN 375 Caribbean Women Writers
EN 376 Global Women's Fiction
ETHN 101 Cultural Traditions of Asia
ETHN 105 Social Transitions of Asian Society
ETHN 215 Japanese Society and Cultures
FR 252 Francophone Culture & Literature
FR 260 Introduction to Sub-Saharan African Culture
HI 220 Ancient African Civilizations
HI 271 Introduction to Russian History, Civilization and Culture
HI 272 Russia 700-1700 History & Myth
HI 275 Russia's Road to Revolution
HI 276 St. Petersburg in Russian History
HI 277 Mexico: Cortes to NAFTA
HI 279 China to 1800
HI 280 West & The Middle East
HI 281 Portrait of the Arabs
HI 282 Social & Cultural History of China & Japan
HI 283 Modernization in China & Japan
HI 284 Twentieth Cent Russia
HI 285 Modern China
HI 286 Modern Japan
HI 287 Green History of Latin America
HI 288 Colonial Latin America
HI 289 Modern Latin America
HI 291 Africans in the Americas
HI 292 African Diaspora
HI 293 West Africa & Atlantic System


HI 301 Ancient Greece, Rome and Africa
HI 363 China in Revolution
HI 366 Women in China & Japan
HI 367 East Asia in 20th Century American Wars
HI 370 Jews of Middle East & North Africa
HI 371 Arab-Israeli Conflict
HI 376 The Spanish Caribbean: Cuba, Santo Domingo, and Puerto Rico from Columbus to Castro
HI 211 The History of Modern China
HI 212 Samurai to Citizen: History of Modern Japanese
HR 201 Non-Western Culture
IL 50 World Regions
IL 150 International Operations of Non-Profits
IL 197 UN Security Council Crisis Simulation
IL 295 Seminar in International Studies
IL 295A Seminar in Human Rights (Spring 2010 only)
IL 295B Seminar on Women, War, Peace (Spring 2010 only)
IS 350 International Information Systems
LAC 300 Justice & the Developing World: Nicaragua
LAC 301 Latin America and the United States
LARS 300 World Religions
LSES 330 Global Environmental Policy
MG 350 International Law
MG 385 Managing People for Global Business
MG 390 Cross-Cultural Management

MK 312 Global Marketing
MU 122 World Music History & Ensemble
NUGA 230 International Nursing
PH 240 Introduction to Asian Philosophies
PH 241 Confucianism
PH 242 Philosophical Daoism and Zen Buddhism
PO 012 Introduction to Comparative Politics
PO 136/IL 151 Gender, War, and Peace
PO 141 African Politics
PO 142 Latin American Politics
PO 143 Caribbean Politics
PO 144 Middle Eastern Politics
PO 145 East Asian Politics
PO 146 Three Giants in Asia
PO 149 Third World: Common Fate? Common Blood?
PO 246 Seminar on China
PO 249 Seminar on Russia
PO 346 Vietnam Seminar
RS 101 Exploring Religion: Asian Religions
RS 270 Introduction to Islam
RS 280 Hinduism
RS 285 Buddhism
RS 287 Buddhist Thought in India
RS 289 Tantrism
RS 377 Sufism and Islamic Spirituality
RS 388 Buddhist Spirituality
SO 184 Population: Birth, Death & Migration
SO 185 Introduction International Migration
SO 191 Social Change in Developing Nations
SP 253 Spanish American Civilization
SP 271 Hispanic Film
SP 360 Dictatorships and Revolutionary Movements in Contemporary Latin America
SP 371 Images of Latin American Indians
TA 122 Asian Theatre

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