The Core - Philosophy, Religious Studies, Applied Ethics

core_philThe mission of this area of the core is to lead students to reflect on the perennial questions that all cultures have posed:

  • What does it mean to be a person?
  • Does life have a destiny?
  • Is there an absolute truth?
  • How does one distinguish knowledge from opinion?
  • How does one act ethically for the good of oneself and for the good of society?
  • Why is evil so prevalent in human history?

core_logoStudents explore these questions philosophically by appealing to the power of rationality and the evidence of common human experience. They investigate how the world's religions wrestle with the same kinds of questions by drawing on experiences of sacred fulfillment expressed in texts, traditions, and rituals. Through a close study of primary texts, they will also learn to use philosophical and religious insight to consider how persons are obliged to act in the often complicated circumstances of their personal and professional lives. The prominent place of the "wisdom disciplines" in the core curriculum will help students learn the importance of the Jesuit and Catholic tradition at Fairfield University and this tradition's concern for the education of the entire person.

Through their study of these disciplines, students will:

  • Be able to engage the enduring issues of ancient and medieval philosophy
  • Become familiar with the aims of religion and its meaning for individuals and communities
  • Be able to use the methods of philosophical analysis to understand the links between moral reasoning and the issues that arise in professional fields like business, medicine, and nursing

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