The Core - Natural Sciences

core_environcore_logoThe primary mission of study in the natural sciences is to help students develop an understanding of and respect for the scientific method, and the knowledge of the physical world that it has produced. The natural sciences, broadly categorized as biology, chemistry, and physics, are united by their common methodology. To recognize the breadth and increasingly interdisciplinary nature of the sciences, as well as the diversity of student interests, students may elect in-depth study of one natural science or a distribution across several. In their exposure to the scientific method, students learn the importance of critically questioning empirical truth claims and the value of scientific reasoning in assessing such claims.

Through their study of the natural sciences, students will:

  • Learn about the importance of empirical observation, replicability of experiments, falsifiability of scientific theories and hypotheses and the circumstances under which causal inferences can be drawn
  • Gain some competence with the common tools of scientific explanation; mathematical, computational, and/or explanatory models
  • Learn the value of scientific integrity and, through their own experience of data collection and/or analysis, develop an understanding of the role of impartiality, objectivity, and honesty in the scientific method

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