The Core - History

core_generic_maleteachercore_logoThe mission of the history core is to foster an understanding of history as a continuous process in which a variety of forces (economic, geographical, political, social, cultural, intellectual, religious, technological) interact dynamically with one another. The history core fosters an understanding of the foundations of the modern world.

Through their study of history students will:

  • Come to understand historiographical debates, embodied in the conflicting interpretations of the past and reflective of particular historical contexts and the background and circumstances of particular authors
  • Develop written, oral, and research skills to support their ability to undertake critical analyses of any era or area of the globe, and that will be of enduring value in their life and work
  • Develop the historical imagination that enables them to understand the role that socio-economic factors (for example, class divisions and conflict) play in shaping culture and politics
  • Develop a sense of the debt that human societies, now and in the past, owe to the willing and unwilling labor and sacrifices of countless men and women who remain nameless and forgotten

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