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core_engcore_logoWe live in a world of words - written, spoken, read, recited, analyzed, debated. In the English Department, students learn to appreciate the inherent value of reading and writing, to value the beauty and power of language. At the same time, our students are trained to sharpen their skills for an ever-competitive job market by developing the ability to write clearly and persuasively, to think critically and creatively, and to engage in thoughtful analysis - skills that are essential to success in our contemporary, global marketplace.

While there are many ways to pursue English studies, we have some basic goals that apply to all of our many, varied programs. Our goals include to:

  • Foster students' abilities to reflect on texts as global citizens and as members of an academic community
  • Impart to students a sense of the history of English language and literature, in its local, national, and transnational forms, as well as their interconnections
  • Teach skills in close reading, textual analysis, thesis development, and argumentation
  • Acquaint students with various types of imaginative literature such as the novel, the short story, poetry, and drama
  • Develop students' analytic and organizational skills through the interpretation of literature and through their own writing
  • Give students further training in the organization and effective articulation of ideas in writing, including in some cases preparation for careers as professional writers or for careers where strong writing skills will be an asset
  • Give students an appreciation of the value of the writing process, including revision
  • Provide a variety of writing experiences, including the application of research methods
  • Address issues such as literacy studies, using new media for composing or reception of text, and training teachers for the language arts

Please note: Instructors in the Core Writing Program can find additional information in Blackboard.

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