Pre-Law Program FAQs

cas_pre_law_speakingWhat major should I choose if I am planning to go to law school?
There is no required major for law school. Students major in areas as diverse as History, Politics, English, and Psychology, as well as Accounting and Nursing.

Should I plan to take a law course while I am at Fairfield?
Taking a course in law is not necessary, but doing so might help you decide if law is a field that you are interested in pursuing. If you discover that you do not like it, you can save yourself time and money in application and LSAT prep fees!

What are the requirements for being admitted to law school?
Concentrate on attaining as high a grade point average as possible, garner a high score on the LSATS, and carefully prepare the personal statement that will accompany your application.

What kind of skills do I need to be successful in law school?
Excellent reading and writing skills are essential to success in law school and beyond. The ability to speak confidently in public and to think critically are invaluable. Only those with a strong work ethic need apply. You should spend your undergraduate career acquiring and honing these skills to prepare yourself for a law career.

Since the economic downturn, are there jobs available for law school graduates?
Yes. Law as a profession can provide an entry into a variety of lucrative careers including private law practice, or work in government agencies and non-profit organizations. Lawyers can be found among the ranks of lobbyists as well as the media and many others.

What else do I need to know?
Any student who aspires to go to law school should have a clean criminal record. Also, one should avoid indiscreet postings on Facebook or other social media that may reflect badly on you and undermine your case for admission.

How can I get help if I decide to apply to law school?
The Pre-Law Advisor and the Career Planning Center are ready and willing to answer questions about law school applications and guide you through the process.

Dr. Sharlene McEvoy, Director, Pre-Law Advising Program
Susanne Quinlivan, Associate Director, Career Planning Center

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