School of Nursing

B.S. in Nursing - Course of Study

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NS 110 Introduction to Professional Nursing
NS 112 Healthcare Delivery Systems
NS 250 Professional Nursing for Registered Nurses
NS 251 Healthcare Delivery Systems for Registered Nurses
NS 252 Health Assessment for Registered Nurses
NS 270 Health Assessment
NS 272 Geriatric Nursing
NS 301 Wellness to Illness
NS 303 Basic Concepts of Pathophysiology and Pharmacology
NS 305 Mental Health Nursing
NS 307 Therapeutic Nursing Interventions
NS 310 Research in Nursing
NS 312 Patterns of Illness I
NS 314 Nursing of Women and the Childbearing Family
NS 321 Professional Nursing: Leadership and Management
NS 323 Nursing of Children and Family
NS 325 Patterns of Illness II
NS 330 Community, Public, and Global Health Nursing
NS 332 Transition: Professional Nursing Practice
NS 356 Transition Seminar: Professional Nursing Practice for RNs
NS 360 Critical Care Nursing
NS 399 Nursing Independent Study