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son_health_promotionHealth Promotion Center

The Health Promotion Center (HPC) is a free-standing community nursing center based in Bridgeport, Conn. that is part of the National Nursing Center Consortium. Through the HPC, students, and faculty provide health education, screening, referral, and follow-up services to underserved populations by working with community organizations and agencies. Services focus primarily on lead poisoning prevention and cardiovascular risk reduction, but include topical areas such as nutrition, environmental health, asthma, exercise, violence prevention, parenting issues, and spiritual/emotional wellness.

The HPC operates on a public health model to serve as a safety net organization within the community. Services are provided in a variety of community settings in cooperation with other community organizations in an attempt to identify individuals with limited or no coverage for health care, or who have opted not to follow medical treatment due to cost or access issues. By providing services in community settings, our services are more accepted and we are better able to tailor health education to the concerns of individuals and groups.

The HPC has been operating in Bridgeport since 1994. Each year, the HPC staff, faculty, and students screen hundreds of people for lead poisoning and cardiovascular risk factors (total cholesterol, glucose, and blood pressure). Health education is provided for thousands of adults, adolescents, and children in Bridgeport and surrounding communities on these issues and other health-related topics. The HPC is a visible extension of the mission of Fairfield University and the School of Nursing. It serves as a clinical practice / service learning site for nursing and other students. It also provides opportunities for volunteer efforts in Bridgeport through Campus Ministry.

Funding for the HPC comes primarily through grants, subcontracts, contracts, and donations. The Academic Vice President pays rent and utilities fees. Faculty research at the HPC also provides opportunities for students to become involved as research assistants.

Gerry Chalykoff, RN, PhD
Project Director
(203) 254-4000 x 3225


son_clinical_groupClinical experience offers rich opportunities for students to participate in nursing practice in a variety of clinical settings. The School has affiliations with over 50 agencies, including small and large hospitals, community health centers, in-patient and out-patient psychiatric institutions, and schools. Opportunities are available in urban and suburban settings, servicing both the poor and the affluent, for students to work with people of different cultures, backgrounds, and needs.

Bridgeport Hospital

Carolton Chronic & Convalescent Hospital
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Fairfield Health Department
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Southwestern CT Mental Health Services

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