Learning Resource Center (LRC)

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) in the School of Nursing provides materials that will augment and enrich student learning. The LRC is located on the second floor of the School of Nursing Building. The LRC is staffed by a full time Director as well as supportive student assistants. Hours of operation, include evenings and weekends, are determined each semester and posted in the School of Nursing.

The LRC includes rooms that can be used interchangeably as laboratory or classroom space with furniture and equipment that is mobile and easily rearranged to meet the needs of different courses. In addition, some rooms house specific equipment or simulators used to teach health assessment and specialized skills, such as Intensive Care, Anesthesia, Obstetrics, Neonatal Intensive Care, Pediatrics, and Home Care. Three interconnected rooms provide a fully stocked intensive care unit (ICU); a control room from which to operate the Human Patient Simulators in either of the two adjoining rooms; and an operating room with anesthesia, oxygen, and other equipment necessary within that setting. Media upgrades connect these rooms to two near-by larger classrooms where students can view the actions of small groups participating in a scenario in either the ICU or the Operating Room.

Health Promotion Center (HPC)

The Health Promotion Center (HPC) provides faculty and students with an oportunity to clinically practice within our neighboring communities inthe Greater Bridgeport area.   Through the HPC and the development of strategic partnerships, students and faculty provide preventive and chronic care services with community organizations and agencies that share a common goal of improving the health of people and the community in which they live.   Health promotion activities include education, screening, referral, and follow-up services for cardiovascular and diabetes risk reduction, violence prevention, parenting issues, and spiritual/emotional wellness.  By providing preventive and chronic care services in community settings, access to care improves and we are better able to tailor health education to the concerns of individuals and groups.

The HPC has been operating in Bridgeport since 1994.   Each year, the HPC staff and faculty work with hundreds of individuals and families in the Greater Bridgeport area.   The HPC is a visible extension of the mission of Fairfield University and the School of Nursing.   It serves as a clinical practice/service learning opportunity for nursing students and interprofession collaboration with our community partners.

Funding for the HPC comes through grants, subcontracts, contracts, and donations. Faculty research at the HPC also provides opportunities for students to become involved as research assistants.