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Summer 2014

Course # CRN CR Course Title Eve. Start Date End Date Faculty Time   Cross list
EE 315-A 50432 3 Nanoelectronics I T 20.May 29.Jul Munden R 6-10 p.m. x ECE451
EE 361-A 50434 3 Green Power Generation W 21.May 30.Jul Denenberg J 6-10 p.m. x ECE461A
CR 382-A 50436 3 Independent Studies in Comp Engr TBA     Lyon D   x  
ME 319-A 50100 3 Applications of Finite Element Analysis W 21.May 30.Jul Bauer G 6-10 p.m. x ME470
ME 346-A 50437 3 Energy Conversion M 19.May 4-Aug Anekwe C 6-10 p.m. x ME451
ME 354-A 50283 3 Heat and Mass Transfer R 22.May 31.Jul Etemad S 6-10 p.m. x ME452
SW 151-A 50439 3 Intro to Computer Game Modeling Online 19.May 4-Aug TBA N/A    
SW 204-A 50440 3 Software Project Management T 20.May 29.Jul Guelakis W 6-10 p.m. X SW421
SW 304-A 50097 3 Web Development Online 19-May 4-Aug Yoo W N/A X SW406
SW 348-A 50102 3 Server Management W 21.May 30-Jul Ramsey M 6-10 p.m. X SW448
SW 355-A 50098 3 Database Management Systems W 21.May 30.Jul Galasso T 6-10 p.m. X SW402
SW 382B-A 50443 3 Special Topic: Mobile Web Applications Online 19.May 4-Aug Yoo W N/A X SW482
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