Software Engineering

Software Engineering - Course of Study

See Software Engineering course descriptions from our catalog for more information.

SW 201 Software Design I
SW 202 Software Design II
SW 227 Object-Oriented Programming with C++
SW 304 Web Development
SW 314 Network Concepts
SW 327 Distributed Operating Systems
SW 348 Server Management
SW 355 Database Management Systems
SW 382 Special Topics in Software Engineering
SW 383 Independent Study
SW 390-391 Senior Design Project I and II
SW 403 Visual C# for Programmers I
SW 404 Network Concepts
SW 409 Java for Programmers II
SW 410 Enterprise Java
SW 499 Algorithms
SW 505 Advanced Database Concepts
SW 506 Visual C# for Programmers II
SW 508 Data Warehouse Systems
SW 512 Web Development II with ASP.NET
SW 516 High Performance Database Web Application
SW 518 Data Mining and Business Intelligence
SW 530 Introduction to Information Security
SW 531 Application and Data Security
SW 535 Web Application Security
SW 596 Network Routing and Switching
SW 599 Information Security Measures and Countermeasures

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