Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering - Course of Study

See Mechanical Engineering course descriptions from our catalog for more information (Adobe PDF required).

ME 201 Engineering Statics
ME 203 Kinematics and Dynamics
ME 206L Mechanics Laboratory
ME 241 Principles of Thermodynamics
ME 307L Dynamics Systems Lab
ME 308 Strength of Materials
ME 311 Machine Design
ME 312 Advanced Machine Design
ME 318 Finite Element Analysis I
ME 320 Vibration Analysis
ME 321 Advanced Kinematics
ME 322 Advanced Dynamics
ME 327 Fracture Mechanics
ME 331 Computer Aided Analysis and Design
ME 342 Applications of Thermodynamics
ME 346 Energy Conversion
ME 347 Fluid Mechanics
ME 348L Thermal and Fluids Lab
ME 349 Heat Transfer
ME 350L Energy Transfer Lab
ME 354 Advanced Heat Transfer
ME 360 Internal Combustion Engines
ME 362 Turbomachinery
ME 382 Independent Study, Advanced Mechanical Project
ME 390-391 Senior Design Project