Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering - Course of Study

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EE 213 Introduction to Electric Circuits
EE 213L Electric Circuits Lab
EE 221 Frequency Domain Circuit Analysis
EE 231 Introduction to Electronics Circuits and Devices
EE 231L Electronics Circuits Lab
EE 245 Digital Design I
EE 245L Digital Design I Laboratory
CR 246 Digital Electronics Design II
CRE 246L Digital Design II Lab
EE 301 Signals and Systems I
EE 304 Signals and Systems II
EE 315 Nanoelectronics
EE 321 Electromagnetic Fields
EE 331 Analog Electronics Design
EE 331L Analog Electronics Lab |
EE 335 Microelectronics
EE 346 Embedded Microcontrollers
EE 346L Microcontroller Laboratory
EE 350 Communication System
EE 354 Electro-Optical Communications
EE 354L Electro-Optical Communications Lab
EE 360 Power Electronics
EE 360L Power Electronics Laboratory
EE 382 Advanced Electrical Project
EE 390-391 Senior Design Project
ECE 405 Electronic Materials
ECE 415 Engineering Applications of Numerical Methods
ECE 431 Biomedical Signal Processing
ECE 432 Biomedical Imaging
ECE 445 Digital Integrated Circuit Design
ECE 447 Analog Integrated Circuit Design
ECE 465 Nonlinear Control Systems
ECE 475 Microwave Structures
ECE 480 Wireless Systems
ECE 485 Digital Communications
ECE 495 Power Generation and Distribution
ECE 496 Fault Analysis in Power Systems