M.S. in Mechanical Engineering - Course Offerings

See Mechanical Engineering course descriptions for more information (Adobe PDF required).

Required Courses

MC 400 Feedback and Control Systems
ME 451 Energy Conversion
SW 408 Java for Programmers OR
SW 403 Visual C# for Programmers I
SW 427 Object-Oriented Programming with C++
ME 425 Engineering Applications of Numerical Methods
ME 491 Computer Aided Analysis and Design

Master's Thesis Option (6 credits)

The master's thesis tests students' abilities to formulate an original problem, solve it, and communicate and defend the results. Carefully supervised by a faculty member, the thesis involves gathering information, examining it critically, organizing it effectively, designing a solution and writing convincingly. This is a project that permits students to demonstrate skills that are basic to academic and industry work. Students choosing the thesis option may also submit it as a paper for publication in an appropriate refereed journal.

Core Courses

The following three core concentrations are available (select one of these):

I Energy, Fluids and Thermal Systems
ME 450 Gas Dynamics
ME 452 Heat and Mass Transfer
ME 453 Turbomachinery

II Dynamics and Control Systems
ME 410 Vibration Analysis
ME 411 Advanced Kinematics
ME 412 Advanced Dynamics

III Mechanics and Manufacturing
ME 427 Applications of Fracture Mechanics in Engineering Design
ME 444 Mechanics of Composite Materials
ME 470 Applications of Finite Element Analysis

Elective Courses

ME 441 Advanced Materials Science
ME 442 Computer Integrated Design and Manufacturing
ME 460 Internal Combustion Engines
ME 480 Principles of Quality Management
ME 495 Independent Study
ME 496 Special Projects
ME 550 Thesis I
ME 55 Thesis II