M.S. in Electrical & Computer Engineering - Course Offerings

See Electrical & Computer Engineering course descriptions for more information.

Required Courses

SW 408 Java for Programmers I
SW 409 Java for Programmers II
ECE 415 Engineering Applications of Numerical Method
ECE 420 Readings in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Thesis Option

ECE 550
ECE 551
ECE 552 (if necessary)

Electronic Product Design

ECE 405 Electronic Materials
ECE 425 Thermal Management of Microdevices
ECE 448 Embedded Microcontrollers Lab
ECE 448L Embedded Microcontrollers
ECE 510L Product Design Lab

The Architecture of Microelectronics

ECE 435 Microelectronics
ECE 445 Digital Integrated Circuit Design
ECE 447 Analog Integrated Circuit Design
ECE 515L Microelectronics Lab
ECE 451 Nanoelectronics I
ECE 452 Nanoelectronics II

Systems Design

ECE 455 Sensor Design and Application
ECE 457 Advanced Linear Systems
ECE 465 Nonlinear Control Systems
ECE 520L System Design Lab

Communications Systems

ECE 407 Fiber Optic Transmission and Communication
ECE 407L Fiber Optic Transmission and Communication Laboratory
ECE 475 / 476 Microwave Structures I and II
ECE 480 / 481 Wireless Systems I and II
ECE 485 Digital Communications
ECE 490 Analog Communications Systems
ECE 525L Communications Systems Lab

Power and Power Electronics

ECE 495 Power Generation and Distribution
ECE 496 Fault Analysis in Power Systems
ECE 505 Advanced Power Electronics
ECE 530L Power Electronics Lab

Signal Processing

ECE 410 Voice and Signal Processing
ECE 430 Image Processing

Scientific Visualization

ECE 433 Biomedical Visualization
ECE 433 Computer Graphics
ECE 460 Network Programming

Embedded Systems

ECE 406 Advanced Digital Design
ECE 460 Network Programming

Enterprise Computing

SW 402 Database Concepts
SW 410 Enterprise Java

Biomedical Engineering

ECE 431 Biomedical Signal Processing
ECE 432 Biomedical Imaging
ECE 433 Biomedical Visualization

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