School of Engineering

Certificate Programs

The School of Engineering's certificate of completion programs provide opportunities for qualified professionals to enhance their competency and update their skills in the specialized areas of:

  • Automated Manufacturing
  • Database Management
  • Information Security
  • Network Technology
  • Web Application Development

The graduate certificate program in Automated Manufacturing is available for practicing engineers with at least 3 years experience in a manufacturing environment. The certificate in Software Engineering offers 4 specialized tracks for those with a minimum of 3 years experience as a professional software developer or programmer.

Program Requirements

The Automated Manufacturing certificate program requires completion of a 4-course sequence chosen from the following list:

  • DM 405 Supply Chain Design
  • DM 430 Management of Design for Automation
  • MF 450 Programmable Logic Control Systems
  • MF 454 Product and Process Design for Manufacturing
  • MF 461 Automation and Robotics I
  • MF 462 Automation and Robotics II

Candidates for the certificate in Software Engineering must complete a set 4-course, 12-credit sequence in one of the 4 following tracks:

Web Applications Development Certificate

SW 403 Visual C# for Programmers I
SW 406 Web Client-Side Development I
SW 506 Visual C# for Programmers II
SW 512 Web Development II with ASP.NET


SW 406 Web Client-Side Development I
SW 408 Java for Programmers I
SW 409 Java for Programmers II
SW 410 Enterprise Java

Database Management Certificate

SW 402 Database Concepts
SW 505 Advanced Database Concepts
SW 508 Data Warehouse Systems
SW 518 Data Mining and Business Intelligence

Information Security Certificate

SW 530 Introduction to information Security
SW 531 Applications and Data Security
SW 535 Web Application Security
SW 599 Information Security Measures and Countermeasures

Network Technology Certificate

SW 404 Network Concepts
SW 448 Server Management
SW 596 Network Routing and Switching
SW 599 Information Security Measures and Countermeasures

Students who complete 3 of the courses required for the Network Technology certificate (SW 404, SW 448, and SW 596) are also eligible to take the Cisco Certification Exams. A voucher to cover the cost of that test is also offered.

Admission Requirements

Students may be admitted to graduate level courses for certificate studies on a "special student," non-matriculated basis and on a space available basis. These non-matriculated students must have a minimum of 3 years experience in the discipline and present academic and/or professional records to support the likelihood of success in these demanding graduate level courses. Certificate students must fill out an application form, pay an application fee of $60, and present proof of measles and rubella immunization.

For more information on specific courses, see the SOE graduate catalog. You can apply online.