2013 Senior Design and Capstone Projects

Infrared Bone Densitometer and Photoplethysmograph*
Students/Major: Eamonn Grant/EE, Dan Liashek/ME, Rafique Vahora/ EE
A prototype of a miniature device to measure bone density and blood flow to help NASA astronauts living in weightless conditions, and/or to help the aging prevent osteoporosis. Sponsored by the CT Space Grant. Winner of the Dean's Award for best senior design project.
Advisors: Dr. Ryan Munden, Dr. E. Hadjimichael

Load Slot Bearing Lapping
Students/Major: Italo A. Vanegas/ME, Julian Prada/ME, Marshall Johnson/MFE
A device to perform a "rotary spherical lapping" operation that combines both a transverse and radial displacement of a uniquely designed CBN-Diamond bonded cutting tool to lap, at the exact radius of curvature, a ball bearing race.
Advisors: Dr. E. Hadjimichael, Gerald Cavallo

Students/Major: Elizabeth Cortez/ME, Nicole Stark/ME, Stephanie Cruz/SE
A watch-like monitoring device using compact, wireless sen­sors to read and record heart rate, pulse ox, and muscle activity. Winner of the $10,000 Dolan School Business Plan Competition.
Mentor: Dr. Ryan Munden. Advisor: Dr. Shahrokh Etemad

Automated Video Metrology Device
Students/Major: Michael Walsh/MFE, Brian Mulvey/ME, Joshua Fadrigo/ME
An automated and extremely precise measuring instrument to verify the exact positioning of equipment used in laser cutting; ideal for the medical instrument industry.
Advisors: Dr. E. Hadjimichael, Rich Rosselli, Tom Hecht

Heliostat: Sun Tracker Photovoltaic Solar Energy Converter
Students/Major: John Soldano/ME, Francisco Robalino/EE, Daniel Maloney/EE
A device with dual solar tracking ability to increase the efficiency of a solar system to the point where it can become a viable alternative to fuels.
Advisors: Dr. Douglas Lyon, Dr. E. Hadjimichael

Rainwater Harvesting System Project*
Students/Major: Joseph Bocchino/ME, Andrew Jackowitz/ME, John Perry/ME
A rainwater collection system, installed on the ground floor of the Barone Campus Center, to harvest rainwater from the roof and patio area and used to water plantings. Awarded 2013 Campus Sustainability Grant.
Mentor: Dr. Shanon Reckinger. Advisor: Dr. Shahrokh Etemad

Aerodynamic Nose Improvement of a Formula F Race Car
Students/Major: Joseph Torok/ME, Davi Squizzato/ME
An in-depth analysis of a nosecone for a Formula F racecar was performed using computational fluid dynamics, and theoretical improvements made to generate increased down force and reduce aerodynamic drag.
Mentor: Prof. Steve Roux. Advisor: Dr. Shahrokh Etemad

Brain Buddy: Helmet Integrated Impact Detection System*
Students/Major: Ray Palama/EE, Anthony Scheer/ME, Serkan Erdas/ME
Sports-related concussions or mild brain injuries are reported over 300,000 times annually. This modular, compact and affordable sensor array measures the impact an athlete receives and communicates via Bluetooth tech­nology to a parent or coach.
Instructor: Dr. Tim Talty. Advisor: Dr. Shahrokh Etemad

Weight-Shift Control Light-Sport Aircraft
Students/Major: Mike Chambers/EE, Kris McIntosh/ME, Adam O'Neil/ME
Continuation of work on a previous senior design project of an aircraft to be powered by a four-stroke motorcycle engine. Design incorporates this engine to transfer power to a propeller drive. Awarded $3000 from NASA Space Grant.
Mentor: Dr. Ryan Munden. Advisor: Dr. Shahrokh Etemad

Quad Copter Development
Students/Major: Ebuka Arinze/EE, Niccolai Arenas/ME, Choolwe Hachita/ME
Development of a lightweight single-person copter that can be assembled and disassembled in minutes so it is portable for use in military and police work, with a robotic arm to enable it to pick up/ drop items. Winner $3000 from NASA Space Grant.
Mentor: Dr. Ryan Munden. Advisor: Dr. Shahrokh Etemad

Precision Bearing Clearance Measurement Device Development
Students/Major: Alfredo Navarro/ME, Jackson Sarneski Hayes/ME
Developed and fabricated a precision device to accurately measure the radial and axial bearing clearances in a single unit. Awarded $5000 from RBC Heim Bearings.
Mentor and Advisor: Dr. Shahrokh Etemad

Frame Stability Enhancement for Formula F Racecar
Students/Major: David Keith/ME, Adam Powojski/ME
This project analyzed the interface between the engine block and the steel frame of the car. Reducing the vibrational effects by adding simple structural steel tubing reduces lap times by a few fractions of a second.
Mentor: Prof. Steve Roux. Advisor: Dr. Shahrokh Etemad

* Example of a community engaged project