Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When are applications due?

A. Application deadlines

Q. What are the application requirements?

A. Our Office of Graduate Admissions is available to explain the application requirements and to help you get your application together. You may contact them by submitting a request for information or by phoning (203) 254-4184 or toll-free (888) 488-6840.

Q. Do I need to take the GREs?

A. The GREs are not required, though they can be used to waive the PRAXIS Core Academic Skills for Educators test requirement. You can also waive the PRAXIS Core requirement with your SAT scores. To waive the PRAXIS Core requirement please check the Connecticut State Department of Education's Praxis Waiver Criteria.

Q. My grades in college are not very good (I was a late bloomer). Am I ineligible for admission?

A. The overall GPA requirement for admission is 2.67 with a 3.0 average in the subject area (licensure area) coursework. Candidates who do not meet the overall GPA requirement can apply for a GPA waiver if their GPA is not below 2.4. Candidates whose subject area coursework is below 3.0 may be required to take additional coursework.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Tuition and fees for our graduate programs

Q. Do I have to be a full-time student?

A. Our programs are designed to accommodate students who want to attend part time because most of our students are working at least part time. Some of our students attend full time, however.

Q. When are courses offered?

A. Most of our courses are offered in the evening and a few are offered on the weekends. Weekday courses generally meet once a week for two hours.

Q. What is the average class size?

A. We keep our classes small. The typical maximum class size is 20, but class sizes range from 10 to 20.

Q. Do I need to have earned an undergraduate degree in psychology to be eligible for admission?

A. Our students come from a variety of undergraduate and graduate backgrounds, which adds to the richness of our interactions in class. Though an undergraduate degree in the content area is strongly recommended, candidates with other related majors are strongly encouraged to apply. Candidates for 7-12 teaching certification must have a minimum of 30 approved credits in the content area. Candidates who do not have a minimum of 30 credits are advised to meet with program faculty to identify appropriate coursework to take before beginning the M.A. program.

Q. Do I need previous teaching experience or education coursework to be eligible for admission?

A. Applicants are not required to have previous teaching experience or education coursework to be admitted to the program. Candidates spend a significant amount of time in school settings as part of their planned program. That said, if you have not been in a school setting for a long time, it is useful to visit a classroom to familiarize yourself with schools today and ensure this is the right career path for you.

Q. How long does it take to complete the degree?

A. Students who attend full-time take 9 credits each Fall and Spring semester and up to 6 credits in the summer sessions. For full-time students who start in the Fall semester, the program can be completed in about 2 years.  For students who attend part time, the time will vary based on how many courses are taken at a time. Students are required, however, to complete their degree within six years after they begin their first course.

Q. What financial aid is available?

A. Our financial aid office can best answer that question for you. You may reach them by phoning (203) 254-4125 or by e-mailing them, and you can visit the Financial Aid website.

Our graduate assistantships provide tuition credit for work. Please see the Graduate Assistantship page for more information.

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