Marriage and Family Therapy

Marriage and Family Therapy Advisory Board

The Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) Advisory Board was created in 2010 to support the growth of the MFT program, as well as further the vision and mission of the Kathryn P. Koslow Center for Marriage and Family Therapy.



Trevor Mahony Crow

Trevor Mahony Crow is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, in private practice in Southport, Conn. Having received her Masters Degree at Fairfield University along with a Certificate in Emotionally Focused Therapy, Trevor has expanded her use of systems theory, approaching family therapy with a strong emphasis on attachment theory.

Trevor is also the host of talk radio show "Keeping Connected with Trevor Crow" on WSTC WNLK, 1350 1400 in Norwalk, Conn., airing live Tuesday evenings from 8-9 p.m. EST. The show is about connections and healthy emotional relationships. She holds a Masters of Business Administration from Harvard Business School. Having graduated from Wellesley College, Trevor majored in Art History. She also holds a Bachelor of Science from the Parsons School of Design in Interior Design.

Trevor has also served as a board member of the Ackerman Institute for the Family. Ackerman is a leader in research and training for Marriage and Family Therapists globally. Additionally, Ms. Mahony Crow served as a member of the Board of Directors for the Domestic Crisis Center of Norwalk, where she co-chaired the annual spring luncheon of 2009.

Presently, Trevor is board member of the Pequot Library and serves as Secretary of the Executive Committee. Trevor is honored to be serving on the Advisory Board for Fairfield University's Marriage and Family Therapy Masters Program and as a board member of the Fairfield Villages Wellesley Club.

Trevor is single mom with a blended family of 4 children. She practices yoga as much as possible, and loves to ski and take family vacations. A long time ago, Trevor was a competitive figure skater.

"My job is deeply meaningful to me. The practice of Marriage and Family Therapy or helping my clients to live together in a loving and supportive way, is the most rewarding job I can imagine. I feel honored every time I am in session. There is no better feeling for me than seeing a couple be able to look into each other's eyes with love and compassion once again after years of fighting. I am so grateful, honored, and happy to do what I do!"

  Laura Fishman

After serving in a variety of professional and community roles, Laura Fishman has settled into the deeply fulfilling work of being a Marriage and Family therapist. She is currently an outpatient clinician at Child Guidance Center of Mid-Fairfield County in Norwalk, Conn. She also serves as a commissioner on the Town of Westport's Human Services Commission, which closely collaborates with the town's Department of Human Services.

Laura was raised on New York City's Upper West Side, where cultural diversity was the norm. She attended both Bowdoin College in Maine and Wesleyan University in Connecticut, from which she received a B.A. in art history. After working at several not-for-profit arts organizations, Laura transitioned into the business world as a salesperson and trainer for a software company that served the needs of philanthropic organizations. Deciding to add business credentials to her resume, Laura obtained an MBA in marketing and management of organizations at Columbia University's School of Business.

Shortly after graduation from business school, Laura had two sons and moved to Connecticut. She spent four years as PTA president at her sons' elementary and middle schools in Westport. In 2008, Laura enrolled in Fairfield University's Marriage and Family Therapy Program, graduating in May 2011. Laura worked as a graduate assistant in the MFT Department, which gave her an understanding of the complexities of the academic program as well as the diverse ways that MFTs apply their training in the field. Committing to MFT training has been both professionally and intellectually satisfying. Since graduating, she has continued to study and grow in her knowledge of the field.

"As a lover of Audiobooks, movies, and hiking with friends and family I realize that what draws me to these things is a love of stories, sharing stories and making meaning of life experiences. My training as a Marriage and Family therapist enhances my understanding of, and appreciation for, human interactions in all of their complexities - especially those in our most intimate relationships. Before entering the MFT program, I wrestled with endless questions about people and their relationships. I was often uncertain, though, about how to frame those questions. Now I use the framework of systems theory to help clients develop a curiosity about things that challenge them and willingness to explore alternatives. Essentially it is an exciting opportunity to collaboratively reassess and re-story their lives.

I serve on the MFT Advisory Board in order to maintain a connection to the faculty and staff and support the groundbreaking work that takes place in the Koslow Center. The faculty collectively provide, in a supportive setting, an ever-growing number of students with the unique and invaluable launching pad of in-vivo clinical training."

  Dan Geller
mft_rjohnson13 Robin Johnson

Robin Johnson is the department's student representative on the Advisory Board. After a long career in the business side of media, including positions as the president of the Financial Times in the Americas, president of Time Inc. Asia, and publisher of The Atlantic Monthly as well as three search engine start ups, he decided to shift gears and become more involved in social justice and counseling. Robin is halfway through the program and serves as a graduate assistant within the department.

Robin's undergraduate degree is in engineering, and he graduated from Princeton University with a BSE. He has two sons, two cats, and a right brain. He's found the experience of going back to graduate school in MFT very engaging and rewarding. Recently, Robin has volunteered as a science teacher in a middle school, and is on the board of a teen counseling program called LEAP. He lives in Fairfield.


Kathryn P. Koslow

After deciding to make a career change, Kathy began attending Fairfield University's University College in 2001. After graduating Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Sociology, she enrolled in Fairfield University's Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions and is currently finishing her degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Prior to beginning studies at Fairfield University, she was the Business Administrator for KX Industries, L.P.; the world's largest manufacturer of activated carbon water filters.

"I am very proud to be connected to the Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) program at Fairfield University; it consistently produces highly skilled professionals who are committed to their field. Its family counseling center has been a wonderful resource for clinical services to the residents of many of the surrounding towns and cities in Fairfield County. Working with Fairfield University administrative staff, MFT faculty and the MFT Advisory Board have brought to fruition the newly opened state-of-the-art Koslow Center for Marriage and Family Therapy; this has been an inspiring and extremely gratifying effort. The Center will substantially enhance the already rich MFT Program through superior clinical training, mentoring, and research. I look forward to working with Fairfield University and the MFT program for many years to come."


Michael Becker

Michael Becker is an attorney who practices divorce mediation in Westport, Connecticut. In addition to his law degree, Michael also holds an accounting degree, as well as a Master's Degree in marriage and family therapy. Michael is one of the most experienced divorce mediators in Connecticut, having practiced divorce mediation exclusively for almost 20 years.

Michael Becker is a founding Director and two-time President of the Connecticut Council for Divorce Mediation. He is an Association for Conflict Resolution Advanced Practitioner Member, which is the highest level designation. Michael is currently Adjunct Professor at Fairfield University, and before that, he was an Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Connecticut School of Law and at Quinnipiac University School of Law.

Michael Becker has written for and been featured in numerous publications, among them Connecticut Magazine, the Connecticut Post, the American Journal of Family Law, and Financial Planning Magazine.

Michael Becker is charter member of the Fairfield University Marriage and Family Therapy Advisory Board. A James W. Cooper Fellow of the Connecticut Bar Foundation, Michael holds licenses to practice law in both Connecticut and New York.

"I serve on the advisory board because of the very positive educational experience I had at Fairfield, and I want to give back to the program. Specifically, I would like the board to become a vehicle to better connect the Fairfield University MFT alumni with each other, as well as with the school. I also have chosen to serve on the board to help the MFT program make use of the new Koslow Center, both as a way to offer clinical services to the greater Fairfield Community as well as enhanced clinical training opportunities to Fairfield University MFT students. I also very much enjoy the collegiality of the board, as well as learning from my colleagues and the faculty who serve on the board.

"The MFT program has provided me with an important skill set as a mediator, in addition to the legal and financial background and experience I bring to the work."

  Jeff Schutz

Lisa Schwartz

Lisa graduated with honors from Wheaton College, MA with a B.A. in Sociology and earned her masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy in January, 2012 from Fairfield University's Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions. Prior to beginning studies at Fairfield University, she was the Director of Operations for Bertram Educational Consultants in Westport, CT working with families looking for educational direction and counseling for therapeutic and traditional boarding schools, college and private day schools. Lisa has been involved in many community organizations in Westport including; Positive Youth Development, Boogie for Breast Cancer, and the Levitt Pavilion. She organized the community event and forum "What it Takes To Pull Me Through," to introduce the community to compelling true stories about kids in crisis and what therapeutic programs can do to provide growth and salvation for many families.

Lisa has been married for 27 years and has two young adult boys. She lives and works in Westport, CT.

"Being a member of the first class to benefit from the Koslow Center for Marriage and Family Therapy made me realize what a wonderful gift this place will be to the surrounding communities. I am excited to think about all of the possibilities that the family counseling center can offer, and look forward to sharing new perspectives and ideas with alumni and the current Fairfield University population. The MFT program has provided me with skills for life, not just for my role as a therapist."

  Reverend Sara Smith