Career & Professional Opportunities

Graduates of the Fairfield Educational Technology program are well-regarded and much in demand in K-12 education around the state. Many graduates have had successful careers in higher education and corporate and non-profit educational multimedia settings as well.

21st Century educators of all disciplines are discovering that understanding best practices for technology in the classroom enhances the learning and teaching experience. Advanced study of Educational Technology at Fairfield University will introduce you to:

  • Useful applications of educational technology, both in the classroom and online
  • Rich electronic educational resources
  • Methods to help students prepare for 21st century technologically-driven careers
  • Best practices for infusing technology into teaching methods and lesson-planning

Those pursuing degrees and/or certification in the area of School Media Specialist will find that the technology, teaching, and collaboration skills they develop are increasingly sought after. Fairfield University is highly acknowledged in Connecticut for our merits in Media Specialist preparation.

The Educational Technology program also offers courses that concentrate on video and multimedia production and, as a result, a number of graduates hold positions in the instructional/training and multimedia departments of major corporations and production houses.

Candidates have access to the state-of-the-art resources at the University Media Center, which features television production and post-production facilities, including two television studios and portable production and editing equipment. Desktop video editing is also available. Additional resources include:

  • Multimedia computer laboratories
  • Video postproduction
  • Digital still-picture cameras
  • Portable video cameras and recorders
  • A host of other media equipment

Internships and Research

Candidates have opportunities to complete internships for credit in school library/media centers, television and multimedia production companies, and at the Fairfield University Media Center. You can also undertake independent study projects, often conducting research in consultation with a faculty member. Recent projects have focused on children's safety on the Internet, English as a second language resources on the Internet, developing young people's critical awareness of TV, and school webpage design.

Teaching Internship Program (Paid Internship Available - School Media Specialist Track)

Paid, year-long internships (non-credit) are available to matriculated candidates to gain valuable experience and to defray a significant portion of the cost of study. These internships include a range of responsibilities, from small group activities, to substituting, to assisting tenured faculty in school settings. In return for the intern's service, the school district deposits $12,000 with Fairfield University. This amount is banked for interns to draw upon for courses taken toward their degree or certification (download the Teaching Internship Program Application). Deadline for applying for upcoming academic year is June 15th.

Learn more about how the University's Career Planning Center can support your post-graduate goals, and how Fairfield's tight-knit alumni network can build career and mentoring opportunities that last a lifetime.