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SL 419 Special Learners in the Bilingual/ESL Classroom
SL 421 Linguistics for Language Teachers
SL 422 Teaching Grammar in Second Language Settings
SL 423 Principles of Bilingualism
SL 426 Methods and Materials in Bilingual Programs
SL 433 TESOL/Bilingual Advanced Practicum Elementary
SL 436 Methods and Materials for Second Language Teaching
SL 439 Methods of Foreign Language Teaching for Elementary School
SL 441 Teaching and Learning within Multicultural Contexts of Education
SL 445 Comprehending and Communicating in a Second Language
SL 450 Second Language Methods for Secondary Teachers (6-12)
SL 451 Content Area Instruction in Bilingual/ESL Classrooms
SL 453 Differentiated Instruction for English Language Learners
SL 461 Reading and Writing in a Second Language
SL 467 Language Acquisition
SL 475 Sociolinguistics
SL 477 Culture and Second Language Acquisition
SL 489 TESOL/Bilingual Advanced Practicum Secondary
SL 498 Thesis Seminar
SL 504 The English Language Learner in the Regular Classroom
SL 520 Foundations of Dual Language Instruction
SL 522 Emergent Literacy in Bilingual Early Childhood Education
SL 526 Historical and Sociopolitical Issues in Bilingual/Multicultural/ESL Education
SL 527 Testing and Assessment in TESOL and Bilingual Programs
SL 528 Second Language Curriculum Development
SL 581 Directed Observation and Supervised Student Teaching
SL 582 TESOL/Bilingual Student Teaching & DSAP I Seminar
SL 588 Directed Observation for TESOL/Bilingual DSAP Candidates: Part I
SL 589 Directed Observation for TESOL/Bilingual DSAP Candidates: Part II
SL 590 C.A.S. Advanced Practicum
SL 595 Independent Study
HI 400 United States History for Educators
SL 99-01 Comprehensive Exam in TESOL and Bilingual/Multicultural Education

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