Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies - Course of Study

See Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies course descriptions from our catalog for more information and/or download the Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Course Offerings document. (Adobe PDF required).

(*indicates gender-component course)

Applied Ethics
AE 271*: The Sacred Balance
AE 283: Environmental Justice
AE 297: Eco-feminism
AE 298: Ethics and Feminist Perspectives

BI 71*: Identity and the Human Genome

BU 325: Law, Women, and Work

CL 123: Women in Classical Literature

CO 236: Gender, Sexuality, and Media
CO 246: Family Communication
CO 323: Gender and Organizing
CO 338*: Media Audiences

EC 114: The Economics of Race, Class, and Gender in the American Workplace

EN 130: Literature by Women: Vision and Revision
EN 131: Contemporary Women Writers of Color
EN 162: Irish Women Writers
EN 171*: Literature and the Visual Arts
EN 200C: Special Topics: Dickinson, Whitman & Contemporary Poets
EN 216*: The Victorian Epoch
EN 234: American Women Writers of the 19th Century
EN 235: Edith Wharton & Her Circle
EN 263: African American Women Writers
EN 271: Comparative Renaissance
EN 275: Modern Women Writers
EN 283*: Films and Novels in the Asian Diaspora: Challenges to Citizenship
EN 284: American Women Writers of Color
EN 291: Gender and Sexuality in Film and Literature
EN 314: Renaissance Eros
EN 336: Seminar on Toni Morrison
EN 353: Representations
EN 355: Gender Theory
EN 371: All About Eve
EN 374: The Woman Question: Early Feminism and 19th-Century Transatlantic Literature
EN 375: Caribbean Women Writers
EN 376: Global Women’s Fiction
EN 377: Urban Texts & Contexts

Film, Television and Media Arts
FTM 109: Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Cinema
FTM 201: Filmmaker Studies (when taught as "Women Directors")

HI 240: The Personal is Political: Women’s Activism in the 1960s
HI 245: Feminism in the United States
HI 246: Women and Gender in U.S. History
HI 247: Family and Sexuality in U.S. History
HI 257*: Who Built America? Working People in U.S. History
HI 263: Inventing Themselves: African-American Women in U.S. History
HI 346: Saints, Sinners, and Sisters (Women in American Religious History)
HI 366: Gender, Culture, and Representation: Women in China and Japan, 1600 to the Present

Modern Languages and Literatures
FR 305: French and Francophone Women Writers

NS 314: Maternal and Newborn Nursing

PH 211*: American Philosophy
PH 281: Philosophies of Love and Sex

PO 119: Sex, Sexuality and Gender
PO 136: Gender, War, and Peace (also IL 151)
PO 153: The Politics of Race, Class, and Gender
PO 170: The Battle over Family Values in American Politics
PO 220: Seminar on Feminist Theory

Religious Studies
RS 205: Women in the Bible
RS 215: Women in Judaism
RS 236: Christian Feminist Theology

Sociology and Anthropology
AY 168: Women and Men: The Anthropology of Gender
SO 142*: Sociology of the Family
SO 162*: Race, Gender, and Ethnic Relations
SO 166: Feminism, Gender, and Everyday Life
SO 167: Contemporary Media: Race and Gender
SO 169: Women: Work and Sport
SO 239: Sociology of Gender and Sexuality

TA 123: American Women Playwrights

Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies
WS 101: Introduction to Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies
WS 299: WGS Studies Internship
WS 301: WGS Studies Capstone Seminar
WS 399: WGS Studies Independent Study

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