Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies is an interdisciplinary program that challenges the cultural, intellectual, social and political assumptions about sex, gender and sexuality systems. A unique field, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies draws on scholarship from multiple disciplines to develop its own theories, methods and epistemologies. The inextricable linkage of theory and practice forms the foundation of the field. Courses in the program critically engage issues of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality and other key components of identity, and the ways they intersect.

The Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies program offers you opportunities to:

  • Identify intersecting systems of power; including race, class, ethnicity, gender, sex and sexuality.
  • Gain specialized knowledge and acquire proficiency in course content.
  • Apply theories, methods and epistemologies to course materials and lived experience.
  • Analyze and critically evaluate the implications of specialized knowledge put into practice.

As an interdisciplinary program, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies offers a unique way to combine elements from other disciplines and bring them together in especially powerful ways: Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies encourages research and scholarship that integrate diverse ideas.

Apart from helping students to develop fresh perspectives, the Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies program also provides for the WGS Center in Donnarumma Hall, which offers informational resources as well as a meeting place for student groups. The program brings in various speakers on all kinds of topics, often giving students the opportunity for interaction and discussion, and each year a "Person of the Year" is named at a signature event that highlights activism. Fairfield's location, just an hour from New York City, gives students and faculty easy access to lectures, conferences, and organizations devoted to understanding and promoting issues relevant to the study of women, gender and sexuality.

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