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randj_logo09Star-Crossed Projects: Integrating R&J into the Greater University

The R&J Project is an opportunity for people from all backgrounds, disciplines, and interests to see this most famous of plays anew. Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet is truly a universal play - it is one of the few plays that virtually everyone knows but they are all too often "stuck" in antiquated concepts about it as a quaint medieval, Italian, Roman Catholic tragedy that has little bearing on our lives. Yet, this play has been produced all over the world in fractionalized communities that are seeking ways to cope with the hatred and animosity that promotes violence and dissension.

Romeo & Juliet is a perfect means of addressing Fairfield's cross-disciplinary commitment to Global Citizenship by exploring how we can address the conflicts in the play through a new lens.

  • How many of us have ever thought about the family issues that drive the play and how the Montagues and Capulets are not so very different from our families? Faculty in Psychology and Marriage & Family Counseling will lead the way.
  • Have you ever considered if the potion that Friar Laurence concocts to simulate Juliet's death could be real? Chemistry faculty involved in forensic medicine will enlighten us.
  • This is a very Catholic play where the Church seems to be the only respected institution in town, yet the Friar ends up being the "bad guy"? Several prominent Jesuits will discuss the role of the Friar and how Catholicism is framed within the play.
  • And, of course, Theatre Fairfield, under the guidance of two distinguished guest artists who specialize in reinterpreting old scripts anew, will produce Romeo & Juliet in April 2010.

Don't you want to be a part of this? There are many ways you can!

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