Studio Art - Course of Study

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Foundation Studio Courses

SA 11 Introduction to Sculpture (A)

SA 12 Introduction to Drawing (A)

SA 13 Introduction to Figure Drawing (A)

Advanced Studio Courses 

First Level 

SA 100 Experiments in Drawing (A)

SA 105 Color Workshop (A)

SA 130 Painting I (A)

SA 131 Printmaking I: Etching, Digital, and Photographic Techniques (A)

SA 132 Sculpture I: Constructing Space and Environment (A)

SA 133 Photography I: Alternative Processes (A)

SA 134 Digital Photography (A)

SA 136 Investigation of Text and Image (A)

SA 137 Time Arts (A)

SA 138 From Drawing to Painting (A)

SA 139 Watercolor (A)

Second Level 

SA 230 Painting II (A)

SA 231 Printmaking II (A)

SA 232 Sculpture II (A)

SA 233 Photography II (A)

SA 235 Advanced Drawing (A)

Capstone Studios 

SA 300 Studio Art Seminar: Junior Projects

SA 301 Studio Art Seminar: Senior Portfolio Exhibition

Studio Electives

SA 302 Independent Study

SA 304 Internship

VPA 306 Arts Administration Principles and Practices