Studio Art

The studio art major is designed both for the student artist and students with an interest in art. The program focuses on students' creative inquiry and provides a platform to develop the techniques, sensibility, and understanding necessary for working with different materials. 

Our vibrant faculty is comprised of artists, designers, collectors, scholars and activists, and our students benefit greatly by collaborating with experts who are actively engaged in the art world. An understanding and exploration of the meanings and ideas generated by artistic creations are refined throughout the program, along with awareness of the satisfaction of creating art. Students are guided to build a visual vocabulary to create, critique and analyze artwork in studios, museums and galleries.

A perk of the studio art program are the studio and exhibition spaces, including the Lukacs Gallery, where art majors and minors are able to have their solo and class exhibitions displayed on campus.

A studio art major provides a solid basis for continuing work in graduate school or finding work in art-related fields such as design, teaching, museum and gallery curating, art therapy, design, and advertising.