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Options After Fairfield
How can you best use your remaining courses and free electives to both round out your education and prepare for a career? How about graduate work? Our students have earned advanced degrees in sociology, law, business administration, finance, social work, and the arts and sciences. Among the institutions where graduates have enrolled for advanced study are Princeton University, Georgetown University, and the University of Chicago. Talk to your advisor to learn more.

Research Projects
Talk to favorite professors about possible supervised research projects you might do in your area of interest, in the summer or during the school year. On-campus summer housing may be available.

soc_ctc_class2In order to conduct my research, I administered a survey that identified different levels of acculturation. The survey asked questions such as: Who was the first person you shared your HIV-positive status with? Why? How much time was there between the time of the diagnosis and the first person you shared your HIV-positive status with? In addition, the survey also asked whether the children of the women played an important role in their disclosure. Carmen Calder, a nurse practitioner at Optimus Health Center in Bridgeport, administered the survey to her patients.... 
- Melissa Martinez '10, Sociology and Anthropology

Come Hear from the Experts
Open VISIONS Forum features relevant speakers every year. Come hear from national and international experts - for free.

soc_ctc_trainIndependent Studies
Interested in a research area but there is no course offered in the catalog? Talk to a faculty member or department chair about a possible independent study.

CAS Awards
Sociology has department awards for outstanding students every spring; they are honored at the College of Arts and Sciences awards night in April. Attend the event and look for projects that might earn you this honor. With your faculty advisor, gain experience in entering such a competition and learn how to effectively package and present your work and yourself. Non-seniors are often singled out for their great work.

Sociology Internships
In planning for senior year, think about "trying out" a career, gaining work experience, marketable skills, mentors, and a competitive edge. Look for potential matches between an internship with your career. Remember that summer jobs, not for credit, can be just as useful in gaining experience and building a resume.

You will spend 10 hours a week as an intern working directly with professionals and gaining practical experience. Often this work leads to postgraduate employment, and it can also be an important qualification in applications to graduate school. The range of settings in which you can work includes law offices, probation departments, market research firms, psychiatric hospitals, public schools, public relations offices, personnel departments, and a variety of social service agencies. Talk to your academic advisor or department chair.soc_ctc_person1

I was in the middle of my (nonprofit management) class and all of the guests inspired me to look more in the field. When I learned about AmeriCares (a disaster relief and humanitarian medical aid nonprofit organization), I knew that it was everything I was looking for.... Every Monday we had all-staff meetings which was great because you get to hear from everyone across the organization. We started with a "mission moment" and heard about something inspiring that our organization had done recently.... This internship has exceeded my expectations," said Winger. "I've learned so much and feel very integrated with the organization." 
- Courtney Winger '13; Sociology

Look for three professors, in and out of the department, who can speak about your successes in an informed way.


That's just the start. Take a look at this career information from other University offices that we think is also valuable to Sociology majors.


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