Sociology & Anthropology

The Sociology and Anthropology Department at Fairfield University challenges students to examine the social and cultural dimensions of the modern world. The program combines a window into the understanding of the quality and diversity of human life while examining culture and society.

The curriculum is designed to develop a series of skills while introducing you to many different perspectives. Using a comparative approach, our faculty underlines the similarities, differences and patterns of human groups. Here, you will examine the influences of human interaction and the impact social structures have on shaping society in a broad, cross-cultural context.

Fairfield offers research and off-campus internships, giving you the critical real-world experience necessary for employment upon completion of the program. Sociology and anthropology students are supported by a committed faculty, dedicated to developing your knowledge of the discipline. Due to the diversity of the major, you are given an excellent start towards gaining acceptance into graduate school, or finding careers in such fields as business, marketing and communication, criminal justice and social work.