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Russian Film Series | Russian Hour Series

The Russian Film Series

rees_film_posterThe Russian and East European Studies Program has sponsored Russian Film Series since 1996 to introduce classic and contemporary Russian films to the university community. This year all the films in the series are from the twenty first century. Featured is the acclaimed "My Perestroika" which will be presented by the filmmaker Robin Hessman.

Spring 2012

The Captain's Daughter (2000)
Wednesday, March 7
Alexander Proshkin's breathtaking romance set against the backdrop of Yemelyan Pugachev's rebellion during the reign of Catherine the Great.

My Perestroika (2010)
Wednesday, March 28
Robin Hessman's personal portrait of five childhood classmates from the last generation of Soviet children and their stories of dreams, hopes and beliefs that were dramatically revised by perestroika. The film will be presented by filmmaker Robin Hessman and followed by a Q&A.

Exodus: Burned by the Sun 2 (2010)
Wednesday, April 11
Nikita Mikhalkov's poignant tale of the odysseys of father and daughter across the trials and tribulations of WWII in the hopes of a reunion.

The Island (2006)
Wednesday, April 25
Pavel Lungin's parable of spirituality. A life journey of a lay monk in a remote monastery of the Russian north in the aftermath of WWII.

Russian Hour Series

A series of informal one-hour gatherings with focus on Russia were first established in the Spring of 2009 jointly by Russian and East European intern Timothy Carr and professor Elena Syssoeva. The idea behind the series was to broaden students' knowledge of Russian culture and its present day life through discussion of topics of interest to students.

rees_russian_hour4-12smThe Russian Hours were also designed as a venue to present students' study abroad experiences in Russia and Eastern Europe. It served as a platform for Junior Faculty Development Program (JFDP) scholars to talk about their respective countries as well.

The series has successfully continued for the next three years and has been spearheaded by the three Teaching Assistants of the Russian language from the National Fulbright program: Elena Sergeeva (2009-2010), Nadya Shcherbenok (2010-2011) and Inna Pronicheva (2011-2012).

The three Fulbrighters have covered a wide range of topics chosen at Fairfield students' suggestions: education, media, films, sports, fashion, and music.

Past Russian Hours

Spring 2012

  • Discover Russian Cartoons: What Makes Them So Special?
  • Russia: How To Survive
  • Russians on Holidays
  • Russian Family: Traditions and Innovations. What is a typical Russian family like? What sort of aspirations do young Russians have? When do people decide to get married and have children? Is adoption popular in Russia? Come to our next Russian Hour and learn more about Russian family.

Fall 2011

  • Welcome to Tula, the City of Weapons and Honeycakes
  • A Walk in Yasnaya Polyana, Leo Tolstoy's Estate
  • Popular Russian Superstitions and Dream Interpretations
  • Education in Russia: Advantages and Concerns

Spring 2011 - with Nadya Shcherbenok

  • Russian Fairy tales for Grown-up Children
  • High Heels or Sneakers? On Russian Youth Fashion.
  • "Good-bye, Kindergarten! Hello, School!". On Russian Educational System
  • Winnie the Pooh and all... On Russian Cartoons
  • RH with a guest speaker Joseph Suich, GE Senior Environmental, Health and Safety Counse
  • How Russian are you? Concluding Session of the Year with Food, Games, and Prizes

Fall 2010 - with Fulbright Teaching Assistant of Russian Nadya Shcherbenok

  • Films We know by Heart
  • Our Response to Hollywood: Modern Russian Movies
  • Siberia... A separate country?
  • The Legends of Russian Rock
  • Russian Holidays

Spring 2010 - with Elena Sergeeva

  • Russian Holidays
  • Food for thought! To Try or Not To Try...
  • It’s Time to Dance!
  • Five Months of Snow? Let’s Play Soccer! Winter Sports in Russia
  • RH at the Foreign Language Week
  • Falling in Love a la Russe
  • Cities: East and West
  • Cartoons!
  • Concluding Session of the Year with Food, Games, and Prizes

Fall 2009 - with Fulbright Teaching Assistant of Russian Elena Sergeeva

  • Siberians, who are they?
  • How to preserve summer
  • Famous Russians
  • Russian Folk and Fairy Tales
  • Education in Russia
  • The History of Russian Banya
  • Where Do Russians Travel?
  • Fairfield Professors in Russia

Spring 2009 - with RES intern Timothy Carr

  • Contemporary Music
  • Experiencing Prague first hand (with Fairfield students Kathryn Pelhan and Denise LiGreci who spent spring '08 semester in the Czech Republic)
  • A conversation on contemporary life in Georgia and Turkmenistan (with JFDP scholars Nino Dondoladze and Halybagt Orazova)
  • Russian Hockey - its past and present