Russian & East European Studies - Course of Study

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Russian Language
RU 110 Elementary Russian I
RU 111 Elementary Russian II
RU 210 Intermediate Russian I
RU 211 Intermediate Russian II

HI 271 Introduction to Russian History, Culture and Civilization
HI 272 Russia, 700-1700: History and Myth
HI 273 History and Culture of East Central Europe Since 1945
HI 275 Russia’s Road to Revolution, 1689 to 1917
HI 276 St. Petersburg in Russian History
HI 284 20th-Century Russia
HI 356 History of the Cold War
HI 385 Comparative Russian Revolutions

Visual and Performing Arts
AH 191 Art and Mythologies of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Bolshevik Russia: Comparative Systems/Outcomes
AH 122 Byzantine Art

EC 230 Comparative Economic Systems

PO 140 Islam and Muslim Politics
PO 249 Seminar on Russia

English (Comparative Literature)
EN 112 19th-Century Russian Novel and World Literature
EN 132 20th-Century Russian Fiction
EN 274 Modernism in World Literature