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What to do with a Religious Studies Degree
Conduct your own web search on the topic and look at such sites as Yahoo Voices.

Also, meet with the department's internship director to ask about what internships current majors are doing during their junior/senior years. You may be surprised!

Academic Advising
Use your academic advisor and the peer advising program to explore Religious Studies and other potential majors, minors, programs, and courses, given your interest. Many students also explore Catholic Studies and the Program on Peace and Justice as minors.

Religious Studies is an academic discipline that explores one of the most engaging, enigmatic, and intellectually challenging aspects of human life. Students of religion explore issues that shape major events as well as everyday life across the globe. What does it mean to be human? How does one lead a good life? Is there an ultimate reality and, if so, how can it be known? What do other cultures believe to be true?

‌"As the daughter of a clergyman, I grew up with many questions about my religion and came to Fairfield for some answers. I have found here just what I was looking for - an open-minded institution with a broad range of course offerings in my major. Taking "Buddhism" with Dr. Davidson alongside a "Liberation Theology" course with Dr. Lakeland has helped me see that there's a certain underlying similarity to all religions. In "Voices of Medieval Women" with Dr. Dreyer, I discovered how pieces of history have shaped the women of my religion before me. In addition, my studies have been enriched by the many opportunities I have here at Fairfield to explore who I am - the Ignatian Residential College, Eucharistic Ministry, the improvisational group On the Spot, Theatre Fairfield, and the Glee Club and Chamber Singers."

As a Religious Studies major at Fairfield, I am moving forward with a clearer sense of myself, along with an appreciation of the truth that most religions share the objective of making the world a better place. 

- Anne Krane, Religious Studies

Dream Job

What is your "dream job" after graduation? What are you passionate about? Talk to your faculty advisor and other mentors. As a Religious Studies major, how can you use your time at Fairfield to prepare for it through class work, internships, volunteer activities, summer jobs, leadership positions with clubs and organizations, and other relevant out-of-class experiences?

After graduation, Religious Studies majors have all the opportunities available to fellow graduates in the humanities and social sciences. Our graduates become teachers, social workers, go on to law or medical school, into business, or on to graduate study in a variety of fields.

Honors Students

Qualified Religious Studies students participate in the Honors Program at Fairfield University and, for students with an exceptional rs_ctc_class1academic record of achievement, the opportunity to be elected to the country's premier honor society, Phi Beta Kappa.

Our strongest students are inducted into Theta Alpha Kappa, a national honor society. Theta Alpha Kappa has grown to more than 200 chapters nationally in four-year educational institutions ranging from small religiously affiliated colleges to large public research institutions. It is the only national honor society dedicated to recognizing academic excellence in baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate students and in scholars in the fields of Religious Studies and Theology.

Induction requires nomination by a local chapter and, to be eligible, students must have a 3.5 GPA in Religious Studies and/or Theology and a 3.0 GPA overall. Residency, class ranking, and unit requirements must also be met. In addition to encouraging the activities of local chapters, Theta Alpha Kappa maintains a vigorous national program of scholarship awards and fellowship competitions; its primary publication, the Journal of Theta Alpha Kappa, offers an annual prize and the publication of outstanding student papers.

View a PDF of the entire list of department and University events.

That's just the start. Take a look at this career information from other University offices that we think is also valuable to Religious Studies majors.

Religious Studies career activities by class year

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