Religious Studies - Course of Study

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RS 101 Exploring Religion

RS 101 Subtitles

  • Asian Religions
  • Common Questions, Traditional Responses
  • Peoples of the Book, Sacred Texts and Their Communities
  • Religion and the Critical Mind
  • Religion in a Comparative Key

RS 201 Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
RS 205 Women in the Bible
RS 207 Prophetic and Apocalyptic Voices 
RS 209 Jewish Interpretations of Scriptures
RS 210 Introduction to Judaism
RS 211 History of the Jewish Experience
RS 213 Jews and Judaism in America
RS 215 Women in Judaism
RS 218 Faith After the Holocaust
RS 220 The Writings of Paul
RS 221 The Good News of the Gospels
RS 222 The Writings of John
RS 230 Introduction to Catholicism
RS 231 The Problem of God
RS 232 Jesus Christ Yesterday and Today
RS 234 The Church
RS 235 Liberation Theology 
RS 236 Christian Feminist Theology 
RS 237 The Sacraments in Christian Life
RS 238 Evil
RS 239 Last Things: The Catholic Belief in Life After Death
RS 240 The Medieval Church
RS 241 Encountering God in Medieval Christian Thought
RS 242 Voices of Medieval Women: Silent No More
RS 244 Finding God in All Things: The Spiritual Legacy of Ignatius of Loyola
RS 245 The Reformation Era
RS 248 The Catholic Intellectual Tradition
RS 249 American Catholic Theologians
RS 250 Contemporary Morality: Basic Questions
RS 252 Contemporary Moral Problems
RS 253 The Morality of Marriage in Christian Perspective
RS 255 Catholic Social Teaching
RS 257 Christian Spirituality
RS 260 Religion in the United States
RS 263 New Religious Movements in America
RS 267 Mormonism: An American Church
RS 270 Introduction to Islam
RS 273 Islamic Ethical and Legal Thought
RS 275 Islam in America
RS 276 Islamic Theology
RS 280 Hinduism
RS 285 Buddhism
RS 286 Buddhism in the United States
RS 287 Buddhist Thought in India 
RS 289 Tantrism
RS 299 Special Topics in Religious Studies
RS 300 Second Temple Judaism and the Dead Sea Scrolls
RS 301 Religious Diversity in Early Judaism and Christianity 
RS 315 Modern Jewish Theology
RS 320 The Reinterpretation of the New Testament
RS 325 The Quest for the Historical Jesus
RS 341 Selected Topics in the Catholic Tradition
RS 343 The Papacy 
RS 350 The Classic: Truth in Religion and the Arts
RS 354 Saints and Sinners: Images of Holiness in Contemporary Fiction 
RS 363 Religious Values in Film 
RS 377 Sufism and Islamic Spirituality 
RS 279 Islam, Race, and Power
RS 388 Buddhist Spirituality 

Special Seminars

RS 398 Independent Study 
RS 399 Religious Studies Seminar