Politics - From Classroom to Career Senior Year



During your senior year, consider taking an independent study or another internship. Consider whether graduate or law school is right for you.

Independent Study 
Take advantage of an Independent Study to integrate what you have learned and reflect upon how you have grown at Fairfield and where your path will lead you next. The course is also an opportunity to sharpen research skills, strengthen any Portfolio, and make connections among courses and experiences.

Line Up References 
Finalize 3+ professors from politics and elsewhere who might serve as professional references for you. Discuss your future plans with them and ask for guidance.

Many career paths

pol_ctc_class5Students who major in politics go on to a wide variety of careers. Many politics majors decide to attend law school and have been admitted to such schools as Harvard, University of Virginia, Notre Dame, Emory, Georgetown, Loyola University of Chicago, Quinnipiac, Suffolk, Queens, Pace, and St. John's, Some have chosen to pursue graduate study in political science and attended the universities of Chicago, Wisconsin, Washington, North Carolina, UConn, the London School of Economics. Some have entered the MBA program at Fairfield and at other universities such as NYU, Virginia, and Pace. Others prefer to begin their careers right after graduating from Fairfield and have gone to work in private corporations, public and private non-profit organizations, government agencies, and media outlets, and publishing firms.

Start to narrow your interests and look for ways to use classwork, internships, summer work and potential independent studies to further your interest.

Final Internship
Use your final internship(s) to try out careers, sharpen your resume and cover letter, develop a portfolio, make contacts, and take classroom skills and apply them to the real world. Positions are available at the local, state and national government levels, and with nonprofit organizations.

Post-graduate resources

Visit our Pre-law program at Fairfield University

Law School Admissions Council: For students exploring law school, this is the place to start. 

Idealist.org: A great source of information on preparing, applying and financing graduate school, with an interesting overview of the available options 

Petersons’ Graduate and Professional Programs: A comprehensive guide to American graduate and professional programs 

PhDs. org: Resources for graduate students at all stages of the process and those considering graduate school 

United States Department of Education: Resources for prospective and current graduate students compiled by the US Department of Education 

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Weekly news and job-information source for college and university faculty members, administrators, and students. 

PhD Comic: A funny and insightful look at life as a graduate student 

Specific topics

Writing a CV: http://gradschool.about.com/cs/curriculumvita/a/vitae.htm

Recommendation letters: http://gradschool.about.com/od/askingforletters/

Graduate admissions essay: http://gradschool.about.com/od/essaywriting/

GRE: http://www.ets.org/gre



That's just the start. Take a look at this career information from other University offices that we think is also valuable to Politics majors.


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