The study of physics works to discover the laws that govern the nature and interactions of matter and energy that underlie all physical phenomena. At Fairfield, students learn to apply physical principles and creative theory to logically predict the behavior of the physical universe.

The physics major introduces students to the foundational theories of physics: electricity and magnetism, as well as quantum, classical and statistical mechanics. Through the applied component, students receive a comprehensive education focused on the physical methods that create modern technology.

You will be guided through a curriculum that develops your understanding of physical laws and their applications. Lab work, along with independent and team research, teach you to think critically and solve problems, while you gain skills and experience in the use of instrumentation. 

Physics is an underlying science in engineering and technology and has deep roots in medicine and material science.  Upon completion of the program, you will have the necessary skills for entrance into graduate study or the workforce. A physics degree offers you the flexibility to pursue careers in the health, computer science, medicine, law, and education.